Sky Carumba! 2 versions of the world

My LSD Cloud Image:and the original:

This is what happens sometimes with HDR.  You sit down, expect one thing, and WHAM! A totally different idea starts to dive out of the… well, out of the clouds at you.  Such was the experience with this image.  The cloud was WEIRD, even in real life.  It was a huge, circular creation.  But with a few different exposures and a trip through Photomatix, it became the glimmer of what was to be.  Then I went crazy.  I changed colors, increased saturation, blurred, pushed, denoised, denoised again, and generally played like a pig in a trough for far too long.  Then I sat back, reviewed…. then dove in again.  I couldn’t help myself!  It seemed too much like an underwater wave picture- you know, where you watch the waves soundlessly pass by overhead.  The general craziness and strange beauty of it all was too much for me.  I took one set of photos, thought “wow, that might be a good HDR image”, and was dropped down the rabbit hole into OZ.  Or something like that.  I love it!

By the way, I was completely sober in the taking and processing of this image.  I was just drunk on the art of it all.

See this and more at

Taken after the first Durango Shooters Photo Walk, which was a bit rainy, but had TREMENDOUS clouds afterwards- as you can see!


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