Fog and Snow on Tree & News from HDR Workshop

So… This is utterly a weird post to put in the middle of summer,  but it’s what called to me today…  I took this image in the winter, driving from Denver towards Durango.  You get into a lot of mountains right away going that direction, and this day was foggy and cold.  The ice had crystalized on everything and it was utterly beautiful.  I took several images but the bland colors made it hard to enjoy many of the pictures…. this one sticks out somehow, I think because I did a lot to increase the contrast and make it as noticible as possible.  There is a part of me that tries for a Zone type look in every image, though, and that part feels that this picture is really wrong… there is no black!!  How can I feel that this is finished?!  Oh well… sometimes you have to break the rules in photography, I guess.

I will be posting but it will be rarely for the next week, I’m in Washington D.C. for a few days then travelling to San Antonio, taking photos madly every place I go.  Tomorrow evening I’ll be shooting on the Mall, and I’m looking forward to taking some great images of my favorite spots there.  I went to an HDR workshop over the weekend taught by Paul Boyer and someone visiting from the Brooks Institute, and it was WONDERFUL.  I’m very enthused to try to get some good HDR shots of the capitol.  We will see….

Have a great week and I’ll try to post again when I get a chance.  Once I get home and download some of these images and process them, I’ll have LOTS to provide for you.

I may even put out some raw images from my camera if I like them enough and can figure out how to convert raw to jpg on the fly.  Hmm, ideas, ideas. 🙂


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I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at View all posts by Kelley B.

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