Lincoln Memorial Sunfaded and Textured… and stories from DC trip

This is an HDR image from my recent trip to Washington, D.C.  I was DYING to put all my photos through the HDR process and find out which ones worked and which didn’t… so last night as soon as we got settled at home I headed to the computer and played.  This was one of several sets of photos that I put through Photomatix, and really the one that was the most surprising…. there was a lot of graininess in the photo that I didn’t expect (maybe from looking towards the sun or dust in the air?) and the general warm look was there, but very minimal.  I did some work in Photoshop with reducing the noise and grain (thanks, Noiseware Pro) and used a warming filter on the bottom half of the picture to pull out some of the warm glow.  The photo was calling for more… in part because the sky got funky looking with the noiseware treatment and needed some coverage.  I decided some warm-colored textures might be helpful, and they really added a nice look to the sky and mall area.  I really only lightened the textures around the memorial.

I love this part of the mall around sunset- not sure why, but it’s become a habit with any trip to D.C. to head towards the Lincoln Memorial around this time.  I got to explore the World War II memorial for the first time this same day, as well… I’ll have future pics from the Lincoln and World War II Memorials, I had lots of fun catching beautiful sights in and around those spots.  I also got a few touching photos from the Vietnam Memorial… it’s a place that I can’t walk through without reflecting and seeing others so touched.  This time I set up for a few shots and just happened to catch a few private moments as a man found someone’s name on the wall… I was just looking for an interesting photo but when I reviewed them the naked moment was so clear, it was hard to see.  Shows all the emotions stirred up by that war for me.

I was glad to get a chance to photograph on the Mall.  I didn’t have much time, my husband and I headed into town at about 6 pm and sunset was around 9:15.  I wanted as much time to walk around as possible, and we actually ended up driving around and taking more shots after dark.  No idea how many good shots will come of the day, but it was fun and a good moment to explore an area that gets photographed TONS but is worth every shot.  Or so I’m hoping 😀

I’ll post this image on my website along with others once they get finished-


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