Bohanan’s Liquor

I’m trying to mix up my photos from my recent trip… I have so many that I want to work on and finish and post, and so I’m picking and choosing, trying to keep this blog interesting!  This photo came from a visit to an amazing restaurant in San Antonio- Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood.  Oh my… if you want GREAT food, please please please stop by this place.  It was very fancy, friendly, and the food was the best I’ve had.  Seriously, probably the best steak I’ve ever eaten.  Anyways, obviously this picture isn’t of the steak, but did I tell you how good the steak was?  Oh, I did?  ok…

I ate at Bohanan’s two nights before I left town.  The restaurant was beautifully done and halfway through the meal I asked the waiter about coming back the next night to take photos.  They suggested that I come late in the evening and I should be able to take photos of the restaurant, and if not, there was always the bar downstairs.  Well, when I arrived the next day (significantly earlier than I had planned) the restaurant was FULL and the staff was rushed… and I saw that shooting in the restaurant was not going to happen.  But, like the waiter said the night before, the bar was open (and practically empty).  The darkened interior with it’s beautiful lights was much better for the HDR images I was hoping for, anyways, so I happily headed downstairs.  I took several images which I hope to finish soon and send off the Bohanan’s as a thank-you gift, but this is the first that I completed.  I’m sure I will post more here as they come along.

I was hoping for this to be an HDR image, like I said, but it ended up better as a single exposure.  I love love love the glowing bottles against the mirror and the dark wood.  The reflecting silver bar cups add to the image too, in my mind.  I didn’t have to do much, just adjust the exposure and then sharpen the image in Photoshop.  I may have used Photomatix Noise Pro as well, because it seems like every digital image has SOME noise which bugs me.

The other aspect to this photo is that I don’t drink and it seems funny to me to have been attracted to the liquor bottles at this bar.  It’s not the only image that will come out of this shoot, true, but it was one of my favorites.  I am really interested in photos with “glow” in them recently, and liquor bottles glowing in a bar so invitingly… well, I couldn’t resist.

Visit Bohanans in San Antonio, or see their website at

I hope to post this image soon in my Places folder at  Look there to enjoy other photos from San Antonio, TX and my other work as well.


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