The Alamo, Textured

I swear, I was going to post some really, really cute baby pics from an infant shoot I had a few weeks ago.  I’ll do it tomorrow, but today, when I sat down and started looking over photos and putting some sets through Photomatix to see how they looked as HDR’s, this came out.  I wasn’t entirely stoked on it.  It’s the Alamo.  It’s been photographed 1 MILLION times.  It’s generic and touristy (as a photograph… I never made it inside so I have no idea, I heard it was sorta cool actually).  I was one of the only people with a tripod and me and this other guy who had my exact lense and camera were waiting patiently (right, I’ve never waited patiently in my life) for people to clear out.  I’m glad that when they finally did, I was able to get a photo with a bit of cloud cover over the top, but still, the photo was a bit blah.  Anyways, curiosity took over and I put it through tone mapping again, looking for something more interesting.  That made the photo a bit better, and I put it into Photoshop.  Oh, and the tone mapping for some reason tweaked the sky to be a strange greenish, bluish color, totally unnatural but appealing somehow.  Some Noise Pro smoothed out the stone and some of the sky, but I still really wanted to mess with the photo.  Basically I figured that anyone playing with a photo of the Alamo should, in their right minds, go for a sepia tone and be done with it.  I wanted to go the entirely different direction.

I loaded a bunch of different textures onto the photo and started really mixing them up.  As you can see, I removed the bulk of it from the stones and actually desaturated the stones of the Alamo a lot.  But I just kept loading more and more onto the sky.  Stone textures, metal textures, with everything from overlay to soft light to vivid light.  It turned into almost a watercolor wash, so delightful and so unexpected.  I also left enough on the building to give it more texture (the double tone mapping and noise pro tend to make my stone look like marble, all smoothed out… I wanted the age brought back in).

Overall I’m SO SO pleased with this photo.  Maybe the most pleased ever.  It’s so great to me that I started off with a so so photo that I didn’t really enjoy… at least I had the playfulness to keep working on it until it turned into something that I love.  Now I can’t get it out of my mind!

This and other travel pics are posted in my places gallery on   Enjoy them all!


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