Orchid Photos- Workflow

Ok, something a bit different here… I am posting several versions of a photo which was taken at April’s Garden in Durango, CO (a great flowershop here which allowed me to come take photos several months ago).  I used Topaz Adjust and several textures to achieve the different looks… the final photo is QUITE different than my original, but shows some of the creative options possible for any photo.  Here are the photos, first…

I’ll briefly walk through the workflow:  The first image shown is not the original from the camera.  This is my “final” image after some cleanup and sharpening that was done in photoshop to the original, raw photo.  I took this photo back into photoshop and opened it in Topaz Adjust, since I am trying this plug in out and wanted to use it for this post… while sampling the different effects I came across this one- Dark, Ghostly I think it is called.  I liked it so much that I didn’t do a thing to it, just saved the photo right then.  It could use some work (reducing contrast might help the extreme darks and lights, for one) but for the purposes of this posting I thought it was great.  The third photo came about as I layered 3 different textures onto the image and altered the exposure for the image.  I reduced the textures on the flowers a bit but usually I would remove almost all of the texture.  This time I wanted the petals to reflect the different designs.  I also realized that I could mask the exposure in photoshop (brilliant!!) and masked the lighter areas so I could bring out detail in the shadows a bit more.  Just that realization was worth the post itself. 🙂

I would normally do a bit more fitzing around with the photo, but I really, strongly like how this image looks.  It is so different from the beginning photo, but still recognizable as orchids.  Orchids have always had a mysterious aspect to them, haven’t they?  Don’t they look better dressed in texture and shrouded in mystery?  I like to think so.

I will post this to my website- www.kelleybard.com, asap.  Probably in my flower gallery and the newly created texture collection.  Enjoy browsing the other samples of my work there!


About Kelley B.

I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at www.kelleybard.com. View all posts by Kelley B.

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