Final Bohanan’s Photos and HDR Explanation

I had so much fun photographing at this bar!  I decided to post all of the rest of the photos together- it’s 7 in all and I liked different things about each one.  I really enjoyed finding the perfect way (for me) to finish each photo, as they all came out completely different.

The first two photos were very technically challenging for me, with lots of masking and mixing it different looks and versions of each photo.  Both are HDR images, which means they are compiled in the computer from 3 differently exposed images of the same scene.  HDR photos can look very otherworldly and very… glowy, or can be pretty straightforward.  For the first image, I went with the slightly unnatural look.  The process really brings out the variations of light in an image, so wood, mirrors, etc look FANTASTIC.  I enjoyed getting the warm look from the flooring outside of Bohanan’s elevator, and the really cool imperfections in the mirror came out great too.  I also used Topaz Adjust, since I am trying it out and I wanted to accentuate some of the colors and texture in the photo.  I used Topaz in the second photo as well, creating a very dark, almost infared version of the photo which I layered over the HDR and then removed much of it, leaving just a slight hint of the look.  The mirrors in this photo were crazy- so many reflections and with some versions they came out all glazed looking and ancient, or smoky and hazed over… I decided to leave just a hint of that look as well, to add to the beauty of the space.  The final photo is looking from the back of the bar towards the front and out the windows.  This was a single exposure.  I tried it as an HDR but some photos just don’t work out well as HDR’s.  I haven’t learned enough yet to know why that is.  Anyways, I decided, after trying several looks, that black and white looked best with this image.  Color was a bit distracting, I think.  Plus, it is a cool room and needed the extra bit of elegance that a black and white photo can give, I thought.

So concludes my Bohanan’s photo shoot.  If you get a chance, visit the restaurant in San Antonio, TX.  You absolutely won’t be sad that you did- the food and service were excellent!

I am waiting for a release from the restaurant, then I will post all of these images on my website, in full size.  I have MANY different photos there, and I love the opportunity to show them off.  Please stop by.

I will try to post daily but for the next week and a half I will be in Hawaii and I’m not sure yet how easy getting to a computer will be.  I have some photos saved up, though, so please check in and see what I have posted.  After I return I will have a slew of tropical photos to show off.  I used to live on Oahu and I’m so excited to get to go back with my latest camera knowledge and take pics at some great sites.  I already have some of them in mind…  Hopefully some of my planned shoots will pan out.



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