Fall of the Roman Empire- 2 Views

I realize that I have started to primarily upload HDR and textured images here… they are definitely the most fascinating of my photos right now, I am having SO much fun exploring both mediums.  I try to branch out though, and when I return from this Hawaii trip I will have a bunch of different types of photos to share.  I have two 8 GB cards and one 4 GB card with me, and I’m rationing my photos AND considering getting another card before coming home… that is how many photos I’m taking!

This photo was one I processed a few days before coming home, and my reaction to it was so “YAY!” that I wanted to share it immediately.  Instead, I’ve had to wait over a week, due to problems getting to a computer here in Hawaii.  And laziness.  And being out TAKING pictures much more than wanting to write about them… sigh.

Anyways, this is a photo I took at sunset at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Always a favorite place for me, especially at sunset, so I wanted to do something special with this one.  Processing it as a 3 image HDR was fun, and it started to look more and more unreal and more and more creative, so I played with it accordingly.  Some aspects were moved or added to- the plane was going to be removed completely, but as I developed the picture, it seemed more and more… out of place so much that it needed to be in the photo.  Does that make sense?  Anyways, it got moved to a place of prominence and I had to work on it a bunch to get the edges to look natural.  I’m afraid that on a large print the cloud edges will still look a bit rough- that was one reason I started to look at adding textures.  I also wanted the warmth that yellowish or orange colored textures could add, so I played with the hues and really brought out the “burning down in a massive fire” look.  The clincher, and the reason for the title, was the woman who is taking a photo of one of the massive urn-shaped statues.  She looked like she was praying to the gods, and it all came together.

I deliberately left the people with ghosting and the metallic look that sometimes comes with movement through an HDR photo.  I thought it really fit with the airplane and the futuristic/distant past dichotomy.  I do know that I could have worked on the photo, masking in each person and made it look much more natural- or less jarring, at least.  This time, that didn’t appeal. 

On that note, I just picked up a postcard from Haleiwa, HI last night… beautiful sunset pic that looked stunning.  I immediately clued in that it was an HDR image and was really excited.  After looking at the picture for 30 seconds, though, I realized that the photographer had sharpened up some water reflections which had the jarring, needs to be masked in look already; while leaving the rest of the water soft focus.  Obviously this was done purposefully, but why???? When she could have fixed the photo properly.  I’ll find her name and do some research on her work… I had the righteous indignation last night, probably only mad because she had taken this great pic that had flaws and was still printed.  Well, here I’m doing the exact same thing with this image, deliberately leaving the same type of flaws…. LOL.

This photo is already being shown at www.kelleybard.com.  Cruise over there to see all of my pics.


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