Palm Tree Silhouette

This picture was taken on the Windward side of Oahu, Hawaii in the early morning, as I was returning home from an early morning photo exploration.  I had several good images from that morning, and the lack of sleep combined with the giddy happiness of good pictures gave me a very enjoyable attitude as I was cruising.  I used to live on Oahu, and returning there was very comforting and sweet… but I have always had a very uncomfortable feeling with stopping or being in very “local” areas, even when I was one myself.  I have probably seen too many protective surfer movies- you know, where the locals slam the tourist/haole for invading “their turf”.  LOL.  I don’t think it’s racism, I really don’t.  I just think that it’s a reality of living in Hawaii- a beautiful place with very little living space and a lot of people who want to continue to be able to afford to live there.  How, I don’t know… off topic, but while driving near the spot this pic was taken, I saw a small vacant lot for about half a million dollars.  And I’m sure that was a good deal.

Back to the image… This is a single exposure, taken along with 2 others with the idea of making an HDR image.  The HDR didn’t look as good as this did, though!  I brought the photo into Photoshop and used Topaz Adjust and Noiseware Professional to clean up the image and get the colors and details right.  I especially wanted to remove the color cast from the sunflare, which I was able to do.  I also like the darkened sky, I think it looks great with the clouds and black sea.  I am noticing that I am spending much more time processing my photos now… up to several hours per image.  It’s a bit frightening but I’m so glad that my photos are looking much cleaner and finished now.  I just started a new group on Flickr- “Technically Perfect”… so far I don’t think I have a single image which I could add to the group pool, but I have hopes!  If you have great images let me know here or on flickr (“kelleybardphotography”) and I will send invites!

This image and a similar one from the same area (same tree included, actually) are posted on my website,  See the Hawaii collection if you want to see all my finished work from this trip.



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