Windward Palms- the HDR twin to Palm Tree Silhouette

This photo was taken at the same time as the photo which became “Palm Tree Silhouette”, which was seen in an earlier post.  I also liked this image a lot, and wanted to process it through.  I was able to process this as a 3- image HDR, although with the blowing palm fronds, I KNEW I was asking for trouble with it.  No matter, I also knew this was the way this photo needed to be handled.  As expected, though, it took a lot of work to make this into the image it is.  More on that later…

I took this photo while returning from a very successful and fun photo drive down the windward side of Oahu.  I was headed home, dreaming of coffee and food, and really enjoying the drive when I saw these trees.  I pulled into a little beach park, next to one other car, and jumped out.  I was glad to have the peace of mind to maneuver my camera to make the sun shine from behind the one palm tree, but that was probably just luck.  Eventually I hope to have that spidey-sense tingle when I see a potentially good pic, but alas, not all the time yet.  Anyways, I think that a few more exposures might have been helpful with this photo (help with highlights and shadows), but like I said, I was a bit punch-drunk from so much photography and just took a few different shots then jumped back in the car.  It was a glorious day.

Fast-forward to the past couple of days, working on this photo.  Photomatix did a lot of work to develop the HDR from the 3 images, but there was a lot more needed at that point.  I did have lots of fun experimenting with this photo, though.  I put the photo into Photoshop CS4, adjusted it, mixed in some Topaz Adjust, cleaned up some HDR leavings, combined the photo with one of the originals to clean up the clouds, sent the whole thing through Noiseware Professional, recombined the photo with an original, cloned out some problem spots… and on, and on, and on.  Lots of trial and “would you look at that?”ing.  I had just enough movement between photos that I really wasn’t able to imagine combining the photos to clean up the tree fronds- that was one of my biggest issues with this photo.   So instead I did a lot of cloning.  Love any ideas on that, by the way.  Suggestions, etc??

I’ve posted this photo along with “PTS” on my website,  I’ve been working hard on photos from this past Hawaii trip and I have many there now, enjoy the work I’ve done!  Give me any thoughts on what I’ve done so far, as well.  I will be posting this photo to and flickr soon too.  I try to spread out across the web 😉

I still have several Hawaii photos which are processed or in the process of final editing.  I will eventually post all of them, but I do want to get back to my original intent with this photo blog and mix it up some more.  I’ll be adding some other photos to the mix as time goes on.  Not sure what will catch my eye tomorrow, but come back and find out for yourself!


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I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at View all posts by Kelley B.

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