The Time Has Come (teeheehee!)… The showing of the cuties

Clearly, the time has come for a post highlighting the two cutest kids ever to set foot on Hawaiian shores.  Actually, I know that is not true, because there are lots of DAMN cute kids in Hawaii.  But really… aren’t these kids pretty darling??

I just had to show them.  Tech specs- I had to do a bit of work on both of these photos, using Photoshop and Imagenomic’s Portraiture to achieve the right looks.  The first photo really was pretty easy, comparatively.  But I did need to do some work on the background (and never completely fixed it… both kids had white chairs behind them that caught the light just so and I don’t know how to remove that without some blatant cloning.  I guess if I had been willing to do the work, I could have fixed it.  Ideas are appreciated or tricks, please!).  The second photo I had fun with photoshop masking- making the girls face desaturated while keeping the flowers brilliance and her lips and eyes, darkening the background (curves helped SO MUCH here, never used it so well).  Adjusting the photo without blowing out the light on her cheek.  Using Portraiture without completely losing the look of her skin (I usually fade the portraiture effect, btw, as I did here.  And lower the default settings in the plug-in.  I like real skin, just cleaned up and smoothed a bit, not airbrushed-looking). I also should say that I’m glad I have Lightroom, because it makes some changes easier than even Photoshop… probably I can learn a new way to increase saturation in just a small area without masking, but so far I haven’t a clue how to do that in Photoshop.  In Lightroom it’s easy- you click and paint the area and move some sliders.  Very nice!

Anyways, fun, candid portraits of kids are one of my favorite types of photos.  People photos, that is. Glad to show these two off!

See more children’s photos and portraits at


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