Steve’s Accordion

Steve's Accordion

I’m honestly not sure why this one jumped out at me tonight… I have a couple of other photos ready to go, but, as often happens after a photo trip, I gravitated towards a brand-new pic.  And this one happened to be the one which jumped out at me!  I actually had a few more pics which I took and liked this weekend- I drove with my family to Denver and several of the pictures which I liked were taken at the same place as this one, a restaurant in Buena Vista, CO.  This place, Coyote Cantina, has a crazy decorator.  They hung things from their ceiling- everything from old kids toys to musical instruments to motorcycles and farm implements.  I tried not to be offended that I was seated under several wickedly sharp looking farm tools.  🙂  This accordion hung from the ceiling close by our table, and in between courses I wandered over to take a photo.  It was rather dark in the restaurant and I had to jack the iso up a bit, but the photo seemed to come out well.  I really love the texture in the keys… in fact, I added to it with a well-chosen option in Topaz Adjust.  I also smoothed the whole photo out with Noiseware Professional.  I decided, although I could have done it, to leave the age spots on some of the keys and the body of the accordion.  Steve would have wanted it that way, I think!

I’ll have more photos from my recent trip, along with other photos which have finally called to me to finish them.  Keep coming back, I post a photo daily and I always try to mix it up and keep my work fresh.

This photo, and the vast majority of my work, is posted at  Please feel free to visit there as well.  I am actually in the middle of moving many of my photos around, and love comments on what you think.



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