Miners Window- 2 versions comparing Topaz DeNoise and Noiseware Professional

Miner's Window Using Topaz DeNoise

Miner's Window Using Noiseware Professional

This is something I wouldn’t normally do- show a photo I don’t like completely.  I’m not putting this on my website, just because I don’t like the skewed perspective with the window and paneling.  It didn’t work.  Hopefully soon I will return to this spot and get a good photo.  BUT, I wanted desperately to show 2 versions of the same photo to compare Noiseware Pro and Topaz DeNoise, which I am currently testing.

Version with Topaz DeNoise:  I had to add some color changing to the mix with this one, and a bit more brightness removal due to the processing.  It did a pretty decent job of removing noise without removing detail, although you can see a bit of noise still around with this version.  I also added some clarity to bring out textures that had been lost with the processing.  Still a bit of a blur but I think it is more even… maybe.

Version with Imagenomic’s Noiseware Professional:  I did process it slightly different, with more masking and a bit more clarity added.  Most of the time, Noiseware does a good job.  But sometimes, like here,  Noiseware does uneven noise reduction.  I had to do a lot of fixing and I still think it looks a bit blurry.  There is more color haloing too around some of the white paint.

My thoughts: Overall, it’s hard to see much difference in these small shots, but I do think that Topaz DeNoise actually did a better job.  I own Noiseware Professional and my one gripe has been that sometimes there is very uneven noise reduction.  Topaz didn’t seem to have that problem.  There were still some problems and I wish there was a perfect solution out there… perhaps in the future.  But for now, I think I will be looking into DeNoise!

See more of my work at www.kelleybard.com.  Noiseware Professional is found at www.imagenomic.com.  Topaz DeNoise can be found at www.topazlabs.com.


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