Wild Palms of Hawaii and a note about “Green” plants

Wild Palms of Hawaii

This is perhaps a very simple picture.  Not my usual HDR, this is a single image which I edited in Photoshop and Lightroom, no fancy software either!  So now, I could probably redo it and like it more…  but I really enjoy this image.  I have played with it extensively, and it’s been sitting around for a few months now, a photo I think of often but never have posted, until now.

So… I remember this particular area of the island of Oahu from when I used to live there.  I even remembered this grove when I drove through.  It’s a beautiful bay on the Windward side of the island, with a small beach park below it on the water.  I’ve never stopped there, until I took this image, but I have often thought it is one of my favorite areas on the island.  On another day I drove through here, there were lots of skydivers plummeting from planes into the valley behind these palms… a neat sight!

The trees, being overgrown and old, had a lot of dead leaves on them that you can see.  The coloration of the live leaves was very yellowish too, and the hillside behind was also more brownish-yellow than green.  Some hue changes had to happen.  I processed this right about the time that I learned about green, growing things often being more yellow, growing things.  Have you ever noticed that?  You can really tell when you start playing with colors in Photoshop… when you try to adjust the “green” of something like this, nothing changes!  But when you adjust the yellow, the whole plant color is affected.  Look around you sometime, at “green” grass and trees.

Anyways, the color adjustments were the most noticeable change to this image from the original.

For some reason, although the photo isn’t particularily special, I really love it.  Maybe because it just screams “Hawaii” to me.

Enjoy this photo.  Much more of my work is posted on www.kelleybard.com, and this one will probably make it’s way there if I get good feedback on it.  Breathe in the tropical breeze and relax!


About Kelley B.

I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at www.kelleybard.com. View all posts by Kelley B.

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