Hawk and Snake, plus “My Bad” apology

Hawk and Snake

I wanted to do one more trial of the Nik Software, Silver Efex Pro, and got a chance to try yet another different type of photo with this image.  This is a single photo from a rapid fire set of pictures taken as this hawk took off from a fence post and flew into the sky.  I was very glad to have caught him and his prey, the snake dangling from his talons.  I saw him sitting on the post by the side of the road and quickly pulled a u-turn and parked, grabbing my camera.  I walked up the road towards him and had just entered a decent photograph range when he took off.  I had pretty decent luck tracking him as he flew at an angle towards me and another perch.  I liked this shot the best, but was a bit stymied by the blah blue sky.  When I put the image into Silver Efex Pro, though, I used one of the colored filters to decrease the luminance and make it more interesting.  I didn’t like how the hawk looked, though, so I masked a slightly desaturated and sharpened version of him into the photo from the original layer.  After all that, all I needed to do was denoise the sky, and I used a strong version of Topaz Denoise and some masking to accomplish that.  I tried to use Noiseware Professional and it wouldn’t touch the sky noise… sigh.  I really am starting to think that Topaz DeNoise is better for my artwork.  Oh well, it’s only money, right?  Right??

Final thoughts on Silver Efex Pro- I’m still on the fence about the cost, but I absolutely like the simple way it brings a great black and white look to my photos.  I mess with the sliders almost every time I put an image through it, so I still feel like I’m creating a unique artwork.  But the software is great.  I just need some money coming in to be able to convince myself that I can put money out for more photo software.

“My Bad”- I called Topaz DeNoise “Topaz Define” in yesterday’s post.  Whoops.  AND I didn’t include links to my websites.  All that has been rectified, but I’ll hang my head in shame for a bit, if you would like.

Speaking of, this particular image is posted to my Animals gallery, at www.kelleybard.com/animals.  Enjoy all my work at that site!


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I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at www.kelleybard.com. View all posts by Kelley B.

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