Telluride Valley and a WINNER for the FREE PRINT!

Telluride Valley 2

As promised, here is a photo from my recent visit to Telluride, CO.  The way there was absolutely stunning, the aspens were in full autumn glory and it was just amazing.  I enjoyed my time exploring the town (no Tom Cruise sightings, though… alas) and was getting ready to leave when my kids demanded a trip to the airport.  I’m SURE that they just wanted a quick and easy ride home, rather than another 2.5 hours spent in the back of my car, but I capitulated and headed towards the airport.  The drive took us by some really snazzy, Telluride-esque homes, and on the way back, I saw this view.  (Btw, the airport was empty except for a private jet on the runway and a stretch limo in the parking lot.  lol).

Now, those who have been to Telluride will perhaps say that this is not the view they remember.  Well, that is what photoshop is for, right?  Bringing our memory, our creativity, and our photos together as one.  In this case, as several, as I worked out many different versions of this photo.  I even posted one to flickr, etc before realizing that I wanted to work on it some more.  My original version- HDR from Photomatix, with saturation changes, Topaz Adjust layers, and a very strong overlay of Noiseware Professional, looked more like a painting.  Beautiful, but a bit too smoothed out for me.  So I experimented with the different layers and original photos and did some creative masking, leaving bits of the originals while allowing some of the HDR brilliance to show through.  This is my final version…. I think.  I do love the sky, though.  That has remained unchanged- although it was lowered from the original HDR image, so that the cloud is in the cropped photo.  Natives will also say that the mountains are much browner, less colorful.  Well, true.  But it’s art.  And all those hues were there- shifted some, saturation-boosted to be sure, but gloriously colorful.  So enjoy it!

This image is found at my website,  Coming up- first snow in the mountains today prompted a trip into the La Platas (mountain range), where I got an amazing photo.  It’s my first attempt at an HDR panorama and I hope that you will like it… I’ll post it tomorrow!


**FREE PRINT** And the winner of the free 11×14 sized print is… Patty!  My assistant drew her name out of the hat yesterday.  Patty will be getting a free print of her choice and free shipping anywhere in the US.  Everyone who entered is getting a one time 25% off coupon for artwork at my website,  If you entered and didn’t receive an email from me with the coupon code, I probably didn’t have more personal info than your name.  Please contact me at for that info.  If you didn’t enter and are kicking yourself, stop… you can still get great deals by becoming a fan on facebook or buzztown (look for Kelley Bard Photography) or by contacting me by email to get on the email list.  I don’t spam and I don’t send out tons of emails…. mostly just deals and important news, so get connected and save yourself cash!

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