Transamerica Building & News about “Solitary Tree in Yosemite Fog”

So this isn’t the most perfectly thought out shot in the world… but I’ll share the experience of taking it.  I love San Francisco.  Love it love it love it.  One of my favorite places to live, favorite cities to wander, and to photograph… it was where I started taking photography classes and exploring with photography in mind.

The Transamerica Building is one of the iconic buildings in the city.  Visible from most places, photographed constantly, loved and sometimes hated by locals.  Anyways, I was driving through the city streets, so happy to be back in SF that I wasn’t even fazed by the afternoon traffic.  I was headed to Union Square and passed right next to the Transamerica Building on Columbus.  The traffic allowed me to dig my camera out, and while we were stopped, I took 3 quick images of the building from directly below it.  It had seemed that I was well lined-up with the center of the building, but in post-processing I realized I was slightly off.  Boo.  Unless you look, I think that it is fairly well hidden by the shadows caused by the sun… it at least distorts the slight deviation a bit (I hope).  Love to hear what you think…

I processed this as an HDR image with my trusty helpers Photomatix Pro 4 and Photoshop CS4.  I may have used Topaz Adjust in there as well, and I think I did some noiseware but I’m not sure.  It was a while ago, and it sat in my files for a while until I started up my daily blog again.

I love the sky.

I also have this posted at my website,  Enjoy all of my images there!

**Solitary Tree in Yosemite Fog**

For those who didn’t see it earlier, I’m quite proud of the attention this photo is getting…  I’ve gotten quite a few visits to my website and more attention on flickr than ever before!  (flickr page:, it’s about 4-5 photos down and I’m sorry about not having direct links, that seems to not be working on my posts lately).  Anyways, I hit 300 views on flickr and over half of them resulted in a comment, which I have never had that kind of response there.  It was also posted on, and even without becoming a featured image it is still getting quite a bunch of views.  Feel free to re-enjoy the shot, and I would love comments, even ideas of what to do next with this image.


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