Final Image of Series… Ice Crystals on Flower Head

My final image in this series… Some things I really like about it, some others… not so much.  Perhaps I won’t use this one in my final collection, but it was a good experience putting all 4 images together. See my last 3 posts if you are looking for the other images I’m talking about!

What I did was do a photo shoot on ice crystals in a nearby field.  I had lots of variety to shoot there, so I took images of ice crystals forming on flowers, grasses, and in sheets of ice. I processed each final image similarily, so they could be used together if someone wished. Each image is an HDR photo, which uses more of the light available in each shot (really, 3 exposures usually, combined in my computer to form one image). They also were all similarly desaturated and treated in photoshop and lightroom.

This image is the one which I had the most problems with, because I had to crop it quite a bit.  I love how the dried leaves of the flower twist and curl away, and I wanted that to be a main focus, along with the exquisite crystal structures.  I was able to do that, but I ended up with noise in the dark spots of the image… which I don’t think I dealt with in the best way possible. I did some cloning and some painting in the darker sections, which cleared up the bulk of the noise, but I’m still not 100% happy with the image.  I think that at a later date I will come back to this image, probably as one of the single exposures that I took, and finish it in a better way.  But, live and learn… and this blog is partially about my experiences learning and getting better with my photography, so you guys get to participate too!

One thing that I did do was to finish this in a different way with the new OnOne Software PhotoTools 2.6 Pro that I’m testing.  I’ll have a bunch of images to show before and afters once I am done exploring this tool.  So far it seems like a good deal financially, and has lots of great looks, filters, etc… I haven’t gotten the hang of the masking or painting aspects though, and that is depressing considering how comfortable I am becoming with Photoshop’s tools. Hopefully the trick to PhotoTools will reveal itself soon! I’ll be posting my thoughts, experiences and photos in a review soon, so be sure to come back for that!

Tomorrows photo: who knows?  I have a few saved, and I usually see what works for me that day. So it will be a surprise for all of us!

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