Ice Crystals on Grass Stems (3rd of 4 in series), Plus BIG DEAL of January!

Not a ton more to say than I’ve posted over the past few days, but I do want to state how much I love the backgrounds in these images!  This whole series was done with really shallow depth of field and due to that and the HDR process, the background is just making me super happy right now.

Check my past few blogs to see the other images, or wait 2 days and see all the images posted together!  Tomorrow will be the last of this series of ice crystal shots, so enjoy them all!  They are also all posted to my website, facebook and flickr.


For fans and friends on facebook, and here, I am going to offer a monthly deal near the beginning of each month and then a crazy, short-term CRAZY GREAT deal whenever I feel like it during the month.  This time, you can get $10 off any classic glossy print of mine (8×10 or larger).  So you start out saving as much as 40% on my artwork.  This is a deal that will expire at the end of January- I really want to put in a photo order for printing, and I hope to have lots to add to it!  So view my site and enjoy my work… by the way, my site got redone at the beginning of the year and I just changed around a bunch of the cover photos for galleries, so enjoy checking it out (and tell me what you like/don’t like about it, too!). Use the code “bigjanuary” to get the discount.  Have fun!


I just downloaded some of OnOne Software’s tester software for photography, so expect a review soon.  I have high hopes!  They also have a really spectacular deal going on right now if you buy PhotoTools 2.6 Professional Edition by Feb 2nd, and have tested their stuff before, you should get an offer for $100 off.  That’s a deal that puts my (above) deal to shame!


About Kelley B.

I am a Durango, CO photographer who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. My business is Kelley Bard Photography. You can find me around town, gardening, or on my website at View all posts by Kelley B.

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