Another OnOne Edited Image- Glowing Star Lily & Who Will Be #1000 at

Since I haven’t had it in me to put together a full review yet of OnOne PhotoTools Pro 2.6, I’ve decided to post images as I do them, explain why I used OnOne there, and then do a “pulling together” review sometime soon.

First off, I chose this flower to photograph because I love Star Lilies. I decided to try (sorta spur of the moment) some backlighting, as I haven’t done that yet with any shots. Once I feel comfy with flowers, I hope, I will be diving into photographing people with various light setups. But first first, right? So I lit this from underneath/camera left, with another light on the background. Then the fun came (although, to be honest, the lighting is pretty fun for me!).

I edited this in Photoshop and Lightroom, and used PhotoTools extensively. I increased the exposure a lot in Lightroom, and really enjoyed the recovery slider there, as I had some blown-out spots on every image. Sigh. But this was a single image, and I got to Photoshop pretty quickly. I went into OnOne PhotoTools almost immediately- I think I messed with the pollen color a bit (that was a major frustration for me, but I think this worked out ok). In PhotoTools I really wanted to highlight the glow through the petals, and there are several filters that worked well for that. ChargeMoreMoneyGlow was one, and I used another but VERY lightly as it “glowed out” everything. I think I returned to Photoshop and played with the brightness and contrast until I felt like I had finished in Photoshop… once I finished there, I took it back to Lightroom and played with the saturation of the colors, finishing with this image that I’m happy with.

I think it’s obvious that I’m happy with PhotoTools, I keep using it with images and only once or twice have I not been happy with my results. The only problem, if you can call it that, would be that there are so, so many filters, and you get only a vague idea what they do from the sample pics shown… you really have to apply it to see how it will affect your image. I’m going to have to keep a list of favs and what they can do, I think. But being overwhelmed by choices in a cheap (well, cheapish) photo manipulation software is a good problem to have.

See more of my images at, or my flickr or facebook pages.

*Reminder- if you go to view my images, check the visitor count, as it is creeping closer to 1000! If you are #1000, leave a quick comment so I can reach you later for your free print, ok?*

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