Southern Ute Museum & WINNER(S) found for the 1000th Visitor Contest!

I found this building by accident, exploring a town on the Southern Ute Reservation near me. The town is Ignacio, CO. The Southern Ute’s have a casino nearby, where I was trying to get some window reflection images, but as I drove around I saw this on the next property over. It’s almost completely built, obviously, but had some intriguing architecture and even more interesting parts that aren’t finished, like that giant, modernistic tepee there. There were some construction workers around but they didn’t mind me taking photos and I think it worked out well. I’m interested to see the inside, and to come back to photograph this once it’s complete.

The photo and the pre-storm light outside was just calling for HDR, so I made sure to get 3 good exposures to combine and play with. For some reason, this image seems to be “extreme” HDR when seen in thumbnails, but not so (at least to me) when I look at it larger. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe from the bright lettering on the sign?

If you like this image, you can find more of my work at, or on flickr or facebook (see the links to the right?).

*And thanks to all who visited my website lately, I reached the 1000 visitor mark last night with 2 people being awarded the free prints… silly website glitch, of course. But I’m just so happy to have the support and help of you all! I’m working on ways to build my website, I can add custom pages now through the program I use and I would love to get ideas from others on what would add value to my site for you? Comments are TOTALLY welcome, here or on the website.

Enjoy, as always!


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