More OnOne Pics: Delicate Blossoms Zoom

Original Image

Final Image

I liked this image but knew that it had some distracting elements and needed some oomph added. I don’t usually play with blur filters but I thought that a slight bit of zoom blur would be nice with this… so I applied that in Photoshop (after, I might add, removing some of the distracting blue tones in lightroom). I masked the blur off the blooms and then moved to OnOne PhotoTools, because I just didn’t think that Topaz Adjust had the look that I wanted. I do like a lot of what Topaz Adjust has to offer, but PhotoTools has so many filters that it’s just a completely different deal. Anyways, a few different filters added in brought out the slight glow and the bit of vignetting (another look I don’t usually do nowadays but it seemed good here). Back to Photoshop for a deep red filter (masked off the flowers again) and a trip through Topaz DeNoise to clean up the nasty noise… et voila!

I could have probably reproduced this look in Photoshop. But it was fun to find and use the filters in PhotoTools, and it comes out great… better than my fumbling fingers sometimes. I still haven’t tried to figure out the masking deal in PhotoTools, once I have that understood it will be a much more valuable tool (in my opinion). But even without that it’s still pretty damn nice to have.

I think it’s an improvement… maybe not the best flower pic in the world but one that makes me happier now. And right now I’m all about Spring, so any spring flowers will make me smile big!

I’ll put this plus other OnOne created images together soon in a comprehensive review.

I have a big chunk of work at, and here and on facebook and flickr. I’ll be posting my monthly deal this week in one or all of those places, it’s usually a good deal for someone, maybe for you this time! Come back and check it out.



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