Compare: Snow Covered Trees (IR vs IR Glow)

Above is the “IR Glow” version… I softened the clarity on that one. Below is a more sharpened version.

So… what do you think? We had this great, wet spring snowstorm this week. All of the snow melted quickly, but at 7:30 am my kid woke me and wanted to go play in the snow. I was grumpy until I saw how beautiful it was- then I grabbed my camera and split with her! We were wandering the streets around our house with snowpants over our pj’s, and I managed to snap 200+ pictures in about 15 minutes.

I’ll be showing more over the next week or so, but this one called to me. This is a single shot, with some OnOne conversions that really brought out the glow in the snow. The branches are normally a bright yellow (not sure what kind of tree) so I wanted to remove the colors as much as possible. I used one of the glow filters in PhotoTools and then the B&W IR conversion filter. I reduced that one to allow for some of the blue sky to come back, but really liked the result. So much that later on in Lightroom I took out the yellows and oranges to make it that much more striking. Perhaps someday I’ll set up an IR camera… it’s tempting, for sure!

The two versions are a softened and sharpened version. My vote is for the softened one, surprisingly. You don’t have to look far at my work to see that I like sharpened images a lot. But lately, doing the daily photo thing has caused me to definitely be more creative and more open to different looks and ideas.

Anyways, I would LOVE critiques and/or thoughts on which is a better image. I’ll have an HDR version of this out soon, too, as well as other shots from this glorious morning shoot.

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