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Fern Curliques

I held onto this photo for a while, knowing how I wanted it to look but just not getting around to it. The original background was a lit black sheet, so dark greyish, which I wanted to darken. The colors weren’t so dramatic and the purple wasn’t as noticeable (and the bright orange not nearly that color!). So I hit Photoshop and edited and played until the colors got right. Other than that I only had to do a bit of cloning.

This one, and others that are popular or that I like end up on my website, at Your comments here, on facebook, on flickr, buzztown or retweets on twitter help me to know what you like. So don’t be shy and comment away! See my links to the right if you want to follow me in another web venue.

I’m off to go to my first solo art show! Wish me luck at the “LifeScapes” show at The Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO tonight!


UnSmiley Kid Portrait & Reminders of Art Show Saturday and Studio Opening


This photo was just too fun. I was posing this girl in front of this great door, and she was done for the day- and wanted me to know it. The playground across the street was calling her name. I promised one last photo and told her to look at me as mad as she could… this was the result. A fun image, taken at the (ironically called) Smiley Building in Durango, CO. I textured it to give it depth and to accentuate the foreboding look she was giving me!

I do outside photos as well as studio shots… in fact, as spring and summer come along here I hope to do many more outside images. I recently changed around the way people can pay for portrait sessions on my website, and I added an outdoor or in-home fee to cover the costs of packing and hauling my outside setup around. It’s minimal but necessary. That, combined with my lower than normal photo session fee, still works out to be a pretty good price for a set of great images of you, your family or your children.

In studio is also really fun and I’m reminding everyone of the April 15th opening of my in-home Studio! I’m also seriously looking around for a studio closer to Durango, and would love any leads on that…

SATURDAY NIGHT is my Art Show Opening at The Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO, come by between 6 and 8 pm and enjoy the images and the fun. I’m personally petrified (with a side of excitement). But that’s normal, I’m sure.

Have a great day! Enjoy!

Cutie Laughing and Reminder of Art Show Saturday!

The alt image to yesterdays “why kids don’t need to smile for every picture”. Laughing is a good exception. Although I was afraid to see what the father was doing behind my back to make her giggle so! By the way, I really love this little red cushion she is sitting on. The dress and toy were hers, but the cushion is a great prop for future images. Looking for more props constantly (I almost spent hundreds yesterday at Pier One, they had such cute props and pillows!!!).

See my photos at, or find me on flickr, facebook, twitter, buzztown… or even in reality (in Durango, CO). Links are to the right in the virtual world 🙂

Enjoy. Tomorrows photo, I believe, will be a landscape of some kind. Prepping for the art show Saturday 6-8 pm at the Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO! See you there!

Growing Spring & Art Show Early Warning!

Spring… it will come, I know it. We barely had a winter here in SW Colorado, but it’s just not t-shirt weather yet either. Today we had lots of COLD wind and snow flurries off and on. Thought my kids got sun from being outside, but it turns out it was just windburn… ouch!

This photo is of my sprouting basil. I did the angle in post-processing… much much better pic with the angle, I think. I need to take photos like that more often, especially now that I’ll be doing more portraits. Other than that, I really liked the green so I accentuated it. Simple finishing.

I’m overwhelmed with plans and hopes and excitement about the studio opening, along with the reality that I’ve got TONS to do before April 15th. And I’m not even counting taxes in that!

Another event- my first solo art show (hopefully not the last, but we’ll see…)! April 2nd, 6pm at The Red Tent, A Healing Arts Center for Women. The theme, we decided, is “LifeScapes”. I’m hoping for late babysitting that night, as there is a fantastic dark carnival themed event starting at 7pm at the Abbey Theatre. Sounds worth it to stop by AFTER my show. Of course. Really, I’ve got many pieces framed, hung and set to be displayed so it will be exciting to see it all put out there. Come by if you are in the Durango, CO area.

Lots of my art is up at You can also check my stuff out at flickr and facebook (specific links are to the right). I’ve got some good deals coming your way if you link up… just sayin’.

Enjoy! Especially if you are lucky enough to be having a spring!

Air and Space Plane Head On & News of Studio Opening!!

This image has total insanely overkill written all over it… But I like it, still! This started off as a HDR image. I added some dark texture, then decided it needed overall darkening (serious plane vignetting). From there I just played. Sometimes I guess I need to act out in my photos… I’m wondering currently how this blog will be looking once I’m doing lots of portraits, and I think I’m just lost in the change of it all. But, back to this image, I have been staring at this for a year, loving the shot, and I’m glad to finally have done something about it. If you care to, check out the reflections under the wings… it’s one of my favorite things about the photo.


April 15th I’ll be opening my home studio doors! I’m so very very excited about it, I hope to get lots of clients and lots of photos done early on, so part of that is giving a “Welcome In!” photo shoot price. From April 15th-May 15th, I’ll be charging $10 for photo shoots. Anyone. Families, kids, infants, pregnant mothers, professionals… the more experience and the more time behind the camera the better! I’m already starting to fill up appointment slots, so give me a call and set up for a 2 hour slot with me in my new home studio! Other coupons don’t apply, and prints, disks of images, etc are their normal reduced price… but you are saving $45+ for the shoot!!

Cat Print in Snow, and Check This Out (new category, pointing you towards other great artists, like Tom Wade)

A main reason for my post today is that we have had warm, happily Spring-like weather here for the past few days and I’m excited that this may be a thing of the past soon! (I’m sure, though, that we will get another snow day or two before Spring really hits… it is Colorado, after all). Anyways, I wanted to post this before it’s passe 😉

Simple, black and white conversion of an HDR image of a print my cat left after a light snowfall last month. Just something to enjoy- especially if you like those felines, like I do!

If you have ever been to my facebook page (personal), you have probably seen a link to Kelley Bard Photography’s page there (it’s the same link as on the side of this page). You may have also seen other images from other photographers. One nice thing about the photography community is how everyone shares their work for comments, thoughts, criticisms… this year I’m committed (or should be, dammit) to posting a photo a day in all of my webby places. I was convinced to do this by my friend Tom Wade, who is also a photographer. He is doing similar with my facebook page, and you can see his work there, or here, on his own blogspot photo page. His work is often more abstract than mine, and he doesn’t share the same obsession with HDR as I do (although he directed me to it originally!) But he has glorious work and you should look at it. And, on facebook, our art often works well together. For example, today his photo was of his dog’s “snack”… while mine is a cat print. Spooky, eh? 🙂

Also seen on facebook, flickr, and my website,

*The Durango International Film Festival is going on now and there is a gallery walk accompanying it today, the 3rd. While my gallery space isn’t officially part of it, I spruced it up a bit for the increased traffic tonight, and will have it completely “Spring Ready” by Wednesday… come on down and check out my newer work in print! I’m playing with formats and styles lately, too… in the 3 spots I have work up in Durango, CO,  I’ll have framed prints, CD’s of work, standouts, matted prints, posters, mount board images and canvas wraps up soon! The closest (and most spruciest) spot is Antiques and Art on Main, which is at the corner of 8th and main I believe. Also I have art work up at The Red Tent Healing Womens Center and Pediatric Partners of the Southwest.


Kite Flying Free

Hi All,

Family left today and I’m still a bit overwhelmed so no fancy pic here, just one that I liked a lot when I shot it. The good news is that I got out for some driving and shooting today (shooting pics, obviously… if I was driving and SHOOTING I wouldn’t be telling you all about it, except for in my manifesto!). So I hope to get some fun new images out of that shoot.

Tomorrow I’m refreshing my displays at Antiques and Art on Main and at The Red Tent Healing Women’s Center… so if you are in Durango, check my work out this weekend!

I’ll be at The Red Tent Saturday evening, to see the art show put on for the other displayed artist there!

See more online at, flickr or facebook.