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New Years Resolution!

I’ve been focusing on other aspects of my photography studio (getting the studio settled in it’s new space and facing the slew of customers for holiday photos took up a lot of time!) and now I’m finally able to focus on this blog more. This coming year I plan to introduce a more comfortable rhythm to the blog, adding more fun stuff as I find it as well as bringing in more of my landscape and portrait work (and others art, too, as I find beautiful stuff I’ll share it with you!). So that’s my resolution. I hope that you and your family and friends are all enjoying the beginning to a wonderful, artsy New Year!

Setting The Scene- Wedding Photos and Reminder of Creative Commons Usage (my pic was used in a blog!)


I like photos that tell a story. In tonights editing spree, I decided to focus on photos that tell a story. These were the ones that stood out for me. I think background shots like these don’t have to be throwaways, if they are useful in moving the story along. Specifically for a photo book or album. I really like the bride and maid of honor holding hands, btw. Just seemed so sweet.

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Totally stoked! For the first time, I was asked if one of my photos could be used in someone’s blog. The person, from Singapore, used an earlier photo of mine to illustrate her story (see blog here). I was so honored! My photos are licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial, so that gives usage rights as long as you attribute a photo back to me “Kelley Bard Photography” and to my website. Feel free to use my images for that if you wish, as well! And let me know, so I can push traffic your way, too. And so I can get this silly glowy feeling again!








Contemplating Maternity and new work at

I really like the look on this woman’s face… but I didn’t want to make the image into a sad, contemplative photo, as you don’t want sad, maternity images (that may sell SOMEWHERE but not to my clients!!). So I tried to turn it into a warmer image with the slight color tint. I suppose I could also go in with Liquify and give her a bit of a smile… I love photoshop. Have I said this before?!? Anyways, I like how this came out. The blur makes the dress (some wrinkles were distracting) come out better, a slight vignetting helped with the focus, and the stark but warm image with the beautiful skin and hair really ties it all together.

In maternity images, I know that most clients will buy 1-2 images, maybe a few for family but never the amount that a family or baby shoot brings out. But that doesn’t matter much to me. It is such a special moment in women’s lives, and a time when they are truly gorgeous and glowing… I’m glad to get to celebrate that. I try to bring together art and classic imagery with these shoots, to clearly show the beauty being presented.

Enjoy my work at I redid the portfolios last night so there are more images (from my client folders, in many cases) which have not been shown before. Enjoy!




I’ve had lots of family illnesses going on this week and very little sleep or time to work on my photos… I’ve been able to post on facebook and flickr but apparently this has been one too many things to do on the computer nightly. I’ll be better at posting as my family heals, promise!

Gate To Nowhere

My two loves in photography (well, I like an awful darn lot of different photo experiences I’ve had so far, but…) are landscapes and portraits. I think both can be so important in people’s lives… a place idealized, a moment or glimpse captured… I love those images. Hence my name for my style, “LifeScapes”. So Enjoy this one, an entry into my landscape style. A warmed, almost sepia black and white. I loved finding this gate- there wasn’t much behind it, but this open space was paramount. It’s a beautiful valley that cuts right up the center of Colorado. I drive through it at least 4 times a year, but had never seen this spot!

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By the way, if you haven’t checked out my website recently, I’ve updated the site design. What do you think?

Father Kissing Baby- Lifestyle Photography & Opening of my Studio!!!

Taken at a clients home, this sweet photo highlights the love for your child… It was rather bright out that day but I think I managed to get some good images out of the shoot anyways. Inside I had flash and reflectors, but by this point in the shoot I was just trying to get some extra images (and ended up with some really cute ones!). I guess that is my philosophy… to keep shooting because you never know what might come out of it. That works especially well with child photography, obviously.

Located at my website, as well as my flickr site and facebook. See the links to the right of this page? Quickest way to get to all of these spots!

The official opening of my studio is pretty exciting- I’m looking forward to some great photo shoots in the future and I’ve really got a lot of fun backgrounds and such to play with to get the best images out of you and your family. Remember, $10 photo shoots for the next month! Lots of people are taking me up on this, don’t miss out. Call at 970-779-0981 to make an appointment, or contact me off my website. In the next week, I’ll upload some photos of backgrounds, props and such for use in my studio.

Lifescapes… a mix of portraits and landscapes. Nice, huh? And a Child Portrait to post…

2 versions of a sweet portrait I took this weekend at a clients house. I used my new portable black background… came out a bit grey in the flash but still a nice thing to add to my photo arsenal! I LOVE the look on this 3 year olds face. She was very smiley most of the photo shoot but this was one of the first pictures and I think she didn’t quite know what to make of it. The look in her eyes is priceless. She had pulled up one knee and was sitting on a white chair, and I like how those shapes repeat themselves in the image (although I may try to black out the chair behind her, just for a different look). Overall, I think it’s a little extreme but I love the glowing skin and the deep, serious look. More to come from this shoot and from the landscapes promised.

Lifescapes. Do you like the idea? I am equally drawn towards portraits of families and individuals (Lifestyle photography- maternity, infant, child, family, events) and landscapes, so I thought I would work those two into a sort of “mission statement” on what I’m trying to accomplish.

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Let me know which you like better? I think both are beautiful, but I’m often not the best to nitpick photos I’ve taken. Although I’m trying to become better at choosing!