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Lately… Where Have I Been?

I’m sorry that I’ve disappeared, I’ve been using Google+, Facebook, flickr and my website for showing off my photos, and I moved into my new space at the Smiley Building in Durango, CO and it’s left me with little time to add to this blog page! I’ll be back, I plan to start highlighting clients photos more with the blog, as well as posting my favorite landscapes and general photography, so please visit again! I just won’t be here daily… But you will see me! Promise!


Bighorn Sheep- Zion

This beautiful animal was not far from the side of the road in Zion National Park. I’m not a wildlife photographer but I have great respect for them! I just don’t have the patience 🙂

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Summer Vacation Over

Ok, really. I am embarrassed that I’ve ignored this blog for so long. You guys deserve better. My photography (I hope) deserves better. So I’ll be back with a new enthusiasm! I’m changing my photography thinking a bit, as well… the images are always evolving but I’m starting to license them under Creative Commons non-commercial licensing. That just makes it easier if you want to enjoy the images- download them around, share them, use them as wallpaper, etc. I’ll be doing away with the watermarking and if the images here aren’t full sized, they are over at, and you can download them there for enjoyment.

Downtown Durango Snowfall- today’s snow

Today’s light snowstorm brought a welcome day of inspiration and photo taking for me!  I snapped this shot as I was waiting for a store to open on Main Ave. in Durango, CO. I just love the snow falling in big clumps like this. We aren’t expected to get lots of snow, but it’s nice- as it’s the first snow of the year here! Which is incredible considering how much snow parts of the US have gotten lately.

I lightly edited this, desaturating it a bit, cropped it to get the lines of the architecture a bit better, sharpened it a touch. Nothing major. Consider this a snapshot of today’s gorgeous weather. I’ll have more snow pics from today in the future… I had a glorious day out!

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I’ll have a February deal put together soon, and at some point in the month I’ll share my BIG deal of the month (short term, generally great pricing, awesome art, etc etc etc blah blah). If you aren’t a fan on facebook or twitter or buzztown, become one to make sure you get the information on my deals. But what I’m excited about today is what looks to be another great venue for me to show my art in! Once I get the deal finalized I’ll share it with you all! Best excitement is that it’s going to be big images- probably poster sized and/or large canvases on display. EEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEE!  (That’s my excited, happy sound)!

Happy New Year!

I’m back from extended trips and family busyness… I’ll be returning to my daily posts for 2011 and I have a few ready. The first one will be posted tonight!

Revamp as life gets busier…

I have been trying to post a daily photo but lately with illness and life getting busy, I’m afraid that isn’t always possible. I am trying to not be too hard on myself with this one. For the foreseeable future, I will post when I can. Hopefully that will help keep the quality up as well. Expect a photo every few days or so… and thanks for understanding.

Can I just remove this last week or so from my memory banks?

This has been a hard one… sorry that I’ve completely ignored my blog but I was so sick (along with my kids) that at the end of every night I would CRASH. I was also finishing the orders for the kids school photos I took earlier this month. Busy week, worst time possible. I’ll be back as soon as possible… I guess the GOOD thing is I have some photos saved up. lol.