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Up and Away, 2 Views

Compare. Which do you like best?


I think, for me, it’s the black and white version which wins. BUT I like the yellow anticipatory color of the balloon, the excitement… and the look on the guys face. That, thank god, doesn’t change in either. And it’s the best part of the whole image for me.

Taken at the Snowdown 2011 balloon rally in Durango, CO. Love it if someone can find out who this guy is for me!

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Professor Marvel Headed to Oz

I think I subconsciously imagined this image from the very first moment I thought of taking balloon rally shots. Instead of the sepia toned bedroom in Wizard of Oz opening up to the technicolor Munchkin land, here’s the brilliant blue sky (of Oz, perhaps?) and Professor Marvel ascending to the sky in his black and white (I know, I should have kept with the sepia idea, but this looks better. Trust me.) balloon. He’s headed to Oz to begin his adventures there. Just for clarity 😉 And it’s Professor Marvel, not the Wizard…  hell, maybe I should have thought this out more…

Not sure it it comes out as perfect as in my mind, but I like it a lot. I hope you enjoy the image too!

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Ascent Into the Turbulent Sky, New Photo Display Spot!

I don’t usually do single image HDR photos, but I am starting to consider that an option more and more. I took several hundred photos on this day, mostly of the hot air balloon launch and the events leading up to it (a very COLD day to be out ballooning, but fun to be on the ground watching it all come together!). I realized quickly when I started to process it all, though, that hot air balloons MOVE and so all of the off the ground images couldn’t be done as normal HDR’s. There was just too much change for the computer program to handle it, so the lines and such got messed up. So, single image HDR’s. Especially for something like this… check out that sky! It’s begging to be an HDR! It was definitely a snow-forecast sky and had light, wispy, gorgeous clouds that I knew from experience would be great as HDR’s. So there you go.


My work will be up for the next few months in the new Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO! I’m very excited, have been working with the owner for the last few weeks and am getting all my images and frames and such together to have them delivered this week. Opening is Valentines Day. Wanna come by and see my work?! All large formats, 16×20’s, even a 20×30 print and a smaller but still substantial canvas wrap- gonna be beautiful!

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