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Portrait of a Bride and explanation of Candid Photography

I really enjoy so many aspects of photography, and so many different “looks” and types, that it is hard to decide on a specific style that I enjoy most. This is certainly a joyful style for me, though- the candid portrait. Formal portraits, or something where I can control light, looks, expressions, etc, are all very fun and a good place to show skill as a photographer. Candids are more about speed and the ability to catch an unguarded look.

Anyways, see more of my work (lots of candids, but much variety as well) at www.kelleybard.com. Enjoy!


Southwest Shadows

Just a classic, I felt. Love this architecture.


More at www.kelleybard.com if you want!


Contemplating Maternity and new work at www.kelleybard.com

I really like the look on this woman’s face… but I didn’t want to make the image into a sad, contemplative photo, as you don’t want sad, maternity images (that may sell SOMEWHERE but not to my clients!!). So I tried to turn it into a warmer image with the slight color tint. I suppose I could also go in with Liquify and give her a bit of a smile… I love photoshop. Have I said this before?!? Anyways, I like how this came out. The blur makes the dress (some wrinkles were distracting) come out better, a slight vignetting helped with the focus, and the stark but warm image with the beautiful skin and hair really ties it all together.

In maternity images, I know that most clients will buy 1-2 images, maybe a few for family but never the amount that a family or baby shoot brings out. But that doesn’t matter much to me. It is such a special moment in women’s lives, and a time when they are truly gorgeous and glowing… I’m glad to get to celebrate that. I try to bring together art and classic imagery with these shoots, to clearly show the beauty being presented.

Enjoy my work at www.kelleybard.com. I redid the portfolios last night so there are more images (from my client folders, in many cases) which have not been shown before. Enjoy!



Side Lying Newborn and Newborn Nude Ideas

I really loved this newborn photo shoot, it was a total gift to be able to take these images! I look forward to future photo sessions with newborns, they are just so amazing and beautiful and miraculous!

The nude newborn is a shot that some photographers do, and some don’t. I have a washing machine with a super hot setting to sanitize items, so I just figure that I can wash anything soiled with that and keep it safe to use for others… I think parents have more fears and/or embarrassment about it than I do, anyways. I wash all of the props and backgrounds or disinfect them in between shoots, anyways. On this shoot, we went until the black fuzzy blanket got soiled, then switched to other props and images (and a diaper). It was a nice mix and I think it worked well for the photos.

Enjoy this and more at my website, www.kelleybard.com. Thanks for checking out my work, and enjoy!

Super Cute Prop- Baby In A Cup

I couldn’t help it… I saw this oversized teacup planter at the store and thought that it would be perfect for a baby photo shoot. Totally darling… this girl is 4.5 months old and just barely starting to sit up. I felt bad lowering her into this cold cup (I think we padded a side to help her sit up more, but still it looked “unsoft”), but she liked it for exploring. At least, long enough to let me get a few shots!

I’ve been posting a lot of my baby and child portrait work into www.kelleybard.com/children, but on my website I have a lot of different work, so feel free to explore!


Mermaid on the Rock- Child Portrait

I just thought this was such a sweet dress for this girl to wear… too fun! The reflectiveness, the look, and how comfortably she settled down for this shot…. loved it! She was unsure of the photo session but by the end I could tell she was having a great time and really enjoying it. Hope all of my sessions are this fun!

So, what do you think? Too extreme? Fake looking? (I brightened up the white latex background and it looks very Matrix-y, I admit). I also warmed it up… I can tell that when I look at the image against white only.

More shown at http://www.kelleybard.com, check there or any of the links to the right if you are interested in my work! I’m having fun with portraits but I also dabble in other types of photography… doing a commercial shoot later today, we will see what happens with that!

Gate To Nowhere

My two loves in photography (well, I like an awful darn lot of different photo experiences I’ve had so far, but…) are landscapes and portraits. I think both can be so important in people’s lives… a place idealized, a moment or glimpse captured… I love those images. Hence my name for my style, “LifeScapes”. So Enjoy this one, an entry into my landscape style. A warmed, almost sepia black and white. I loved finding this gate- there wasn’t much behind it, but this open space was paramount. It’s a beautiful valley that cuts right up the center of Colorado. I drive through it at least 4 times a year, but had never seen this spot!

See more at http://www.kelleybard.com, or at any of the links to the right.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out my website recently, I’ve updated the site design. What do you think?