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Cute Candid- At The Playground

Just a quickie, I caught this girl in a quick “preschooler grin” (you know, where they look like they are in pain?) on a play structure at our local playground. I loved the lines leading to her head, composition-wise this is tops! It’s not perfect in other ways, but I edited a lot in Photoshop to sharpen it as much as possible and to bring out the best. Just a quick one, but worthy of the fun moment captured and the unusual image of the girl!

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Kite Flying Free

Hi All,

Family left today and I’m still a bit overwhelmed so no fancy pic here, just one that I liked a lot when I shot it. The good news is that I got out for some driving and shooting today (shooting pics, obviously… if I was driving and SHOOTING I wouldn’t be telling you all about it, except for in my manifesto!). So I hope to get some fun new images out of that shoot.

Tomorrow I’m refreshing my displays at Antiques and Art on Main and at The Red Tent Healing Women’s Center… so if you are in Durango, check my work out this weekend!

I’ll be at The Red Tent Saturday evening, to see the art show put on for the other displayed artist there!

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Pau Hana Photo- Shadow of Serenity

I took this photo last summer in Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to finish it, but held off for various reasons. Publishing it just in time for the end of work Friday (or the beginning of the weekend for many of you) seemed like a perfect way to show it off. I did not do many changes to the original here, just a trip through Topaz Adjust in Photoshop to deepen the shadows (contrast changes helped there too) and lighten the water colors. I also removed some distracting yellowish tones from the rocks and chairs. Overall a photo that makes me go “AHHHHHH.”

See more of my work at http://www.kelleybard.com, or on flickr or facebook (links to all on the side of my blog).

This weekend is the random, big deal for the month… see my posting from last night. And next week I promise to put together a review of OnOne software’s PhotoTools Pro 2.6, which has been a fun experiment all month.

Enjoy your weekend! And enjoy the art that is out there!

Lion Firework

My town has this all-out, end the winter crazies weekend event called Snowdown. Pretty fun, with lots of things to thrill every kind of person (mostly it’s a weekend party for the bar crowd, but even us family types get to enjoy a bit with all the kid friendly events now). This year I made it to the light parade, hot air balloon launch and fireworks show. My camera and I were going strong at each, and for the next week or so I’ll probably be posting a lot of images from the events. I was in experimental mode with the fireworks show, and it paid off with some interesting shots (We were located below and to the left of the set-off point, and the wind was blowing pretty strongly to the left as well, so the images came out as not your normal fireworks shots). This is pretty much as is from the camera- I did a bare amount of touching up in Photoshop and sharpening and cropping, but that was about it.

I really like this one. It’s already on my website, http://www.kelleybard.com. I’m hoping to get good reviews of it here, on flickr and facebook. Come back for more fireworks and balloon shots, and a few interesting light parade images too!

BTW, the name… probably self explanatory. I can’t stop thinking of the dandy-lion in the old Alice and Wonderland Disney cartoon. So there you go.