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Cute Candid- At The Playground

Just a quickie, I caught this girl in a quick “preschooler grin” (you know, where they look like they are in pain?) on a play structure at our local playground. I loved the lines leading to her head, composition-wise this is tops! It’s not perfect in other ways, but I edited a lot in Photoshop to sharpen it as much as possible and to bring out the best. Just a quick one, but worthy of the fun moment captured and the unusual image of the girl!

See more child photos (and LOTS more) at http://www.kelleybard.com. Enjoy all the links to the right which give you different views of me and my photography… have fun exploring!


Inside Virginia Aquarium, and checking again on photo size

This was just a neat room inside the aquarium in Virginia Beach, VA (I think it was the Virginia Aquarium, but honestly the only gift I got from there is in my toddlers room and I’m not going in there until she is asleep… so sorry about the uncertainty).  I really didn’t do much post processing here, but I wanted to sharpen it enough to be able to read the quote at the end wall, so that was part of the process.  I may have brightened it up a bit and increased the saturation in Photoshop as well.

It’s a daily photo.  Just a moment from my life that I found beautiful and mystifying, and I happened to have my camera to record it.

I’d love to hear from people on whether or not this photo size is too large.  Any comments?


Great Day Shooting in Telluride

No pics finished yet, and I’m beyond exhausted, but I had an excellent time exploring around Telluride and viewing the aspens and oaks at the peak of their autumn colors! A bit of rain and some beautiful clouds and a good day overall. Pics to come soon, promise!