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Air and Space Plane Head On & News of Studio Opening!!

This image has total insanely overkill written all over it… But I like it, still! This started off as a HDR image. I added some dark texture, then decided it needed overall darkening (serious plane vignetting). From there I just played. Sometimes I guess I need to act out in my photos… I’m wondering currently how this blog will be looking once I’m doing lots of portraits, and I think I’m just lost in the change of it all. But, back to this image, I have been staring at this for a year, loving the shot, and I’m glad to finally have done something about it. If you care to, check out the reflections under the wings… it’s one of my favorite things about the photo.


April 15th I’ll be opening my home studio doors! I’m so very very excited about it, I hope to get lots of clients and lots of photos done early on, so part of that is giving a “Welcome In!” photo shoot price. From April 15th-May 15th, I’ll be charging $10 for photo shoots. Anyone. Families, kids, infants, pregnant mothers, professionals… the more experience and the more time behind the camera the better! I’m already starting to fill up appointment slots, so give me a call and set up for a 2 hour slot with me in my new home studio! Other coupons don’t apply, and prints, disks of images, etc are their normal reduced price… but you are saving $45+ for the shoot!!


Korean War Statues

I really like the memorials on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. I took this image (or set of images, as this is a cropped HDR from 3 exposures) in the late summer. This is part of the Korean War Memorial, which was something I stumbled across on a past trip… literally it is a section I had never visited before, and I was walking in the dusk when I came across these statues- in a line, coming out of the trees, apparently on guard for attack… I love the details, the placement, the idea… I was glad to get to take this photograph, and hopefully it is a worthy image of the statues. The original photos had a large chunk of burned out sky which was very boring and distracting. I tried to add textures but I still didn’t like the image much, it took so much away from these statues. I finally got the idea to crop it, and I like this much more. It loses a bit of the nice sunbeams, but overall I’m happier with it now.

Uploaded to www.kelleybard.com, as well as my facebook, flickr and buzztown pages. I would suggest being a fan on facebook or buzztown, as you can find out about deals (I also post about them here). My website has the best resolution of them all, though, for viewing the images. So there are reasons to check each! ūüôā

Lincoln Aged by Textures

I’m clearing out Lightroom, as I have a bad tendency in my life to hold onto unnecessary things (including old, badly done images, apparently). Here is one I came across that I always wanted to show but never got around to it. It’s an HDR image of the statue in the Lincoln Memorial, with many added textures to get the feeling of age. Enjoy!

Visit http://www.kelleybard.com or my flickr or facebook links to see my work ALL OVER the internet!

Hopefully I’ll be downloading new stuff soon and posting it for your viewing pleasure! I post a daily image with commentary so come back real soon…

Count the Gravestones… “Arlington Endless Graves”

This was taken on a sunny, warm day in fall, at Arlington National Cemetery. ¬†I just find that place amazing… scary and overwhelmingly solemn, but amazing.

I used 3 photographs and created an HDR from them, to get the nice glow in the final photo.

While I liked the image, I wanted to further warm up the colors and to add some textures that might create additional depth.  I used textures with various designs, all with warm colors.  I especially like the vine texture which adds some interesting lines across the gravestones and the lawn.  Some other wall textures gave a deep, old look to the image.

Feel free to look at this and other photos at my website, http://www.kelleybard.com.

Eternal Flame

This photo was taken at the gravesite of John F. Kennedy, in Arlington Cemetery, Washington, D.C. ¬†I first went to Arlington when I was 13 and was really struck by it. ¬†Recently, a favorite photographer of mine posted some photos from Arlington and my desire to go again was rekindled. ¬†On a convenient trip to visit family in N. Virginia, I took an afternoon and wandered with my camera and tripod. ¬†The amount of graves there is really astounding, and the solemnity is impressive. ¬†I will probably have more photos from this day to publish as the time goes on. ¬†I happened to be there on the eve of some book being published about JFK’s death, so this area was more busy than usual, with CNN reporters and the like. ¬†That was exciting, but I wanted to contemplate it quietly, so I waited until the area had thinned of people before shooting my image. ¬†I could, also, have moved a bit to the side so the lines wouldn’t be diagonal, but I liked this view too. ¬†I desaturated most everything except the flame, and increased the contrast a bunch on the background.

One thing- I rarely if ever add deliberate blur to photos. ¬†To me, it just doesn’t look good in most situations. ¬†For this, though, I thought and thought and finally added it… and liked it. ¬†What do you think? ¬†I tried my hardest to both keep the flame and base in focus, and to make it a smooth transition from blur to focus. ¬†How did I do? ¬†Love to get responses on that, or on your general take of blurred images.

I will also post this to flickr and facebook… depending on the responses there, I may post it to my website.


WWII Memorial Sunset

WWII Memorial Sunset

I took this photo at the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  It was my first visit to this beautiful memorial and I was enjoying the crowds, the fountains, the sheer size of it all.  It really impresses you with how large the war was, how many countries, states and people were involved.  It was a solemn time, exploring the memorial, but not sad, as the crowd and the sunset were too exuberant to keep my spirits low.  I set up here where I could see the amazing sun rays from behind this cloud, and took 3 shots for the HDR image.

Processing was fairly simple- I took my time in Photomatix, to get the right approach to the photo. ¬†I ended up with some blurred people but no ghosting. ¬†I also had to mix one of the originals with the HDR shot in Photoshop, to remove the most glaring of the burned out cloud overhead. ¬†Otherwise it was fairly easy. ¬†I used Noiseware to smooth the clouds in the end, and had a light touch in Lightroom to finish it all. ¬†I had been holding onto this photo for a while… feels good to finish it.

Enjoy my work at www.kelleybard.com. ¬†I’ve posted this in the Washington, D.C. collection and also in “Places and Landscapes”.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another photo… I hope you will also return, to see more of my work.

Variety Day! Several shots to ponder over weekend.

I will be gone all weekend, so in honor of that, here are several finished shots that I have been saving up… Some new, some redone. ¬†Enjoy!

Vietnam Wall Memories, Revamped

Moon Over Kaena Point

Mother Gravestone, Revamped

Sunset Durango, Vivid

2 bright, 2 desaturated, 2 new, 2 old, all HDR… ¬†Something to ponder. ¬†Here’s the scoop on all of these-

I’ve learned a lot since I started working with Photoshop, and “Vietnam Wall Memories, Revamped” is proof. ¬†I liked the original so much that I totally ignored the oversharpening that I had done. ¬†There were several visible problems that had come out of the double tone-mapping and sharpening, so I redid the photo with a more gentle approach. ¬†You can see this photo in an early post if you want to compare. ¬†I still like the overall look of the first photo but the noise and damage was too much!

“Moon Over Kaena Point” is a new photo from my Hawaii trip. ¬†I don’t do a lot of portrait size images(vertical setting) but this one works with that sizing. ¬†I love the full moon setting over the Northwestern point of Oahu- I got this pic while on an early morning photo drive and just loved the colors in the clouds. ¬†Processed in Photomatix as an HDR, plus some Topaz Adjust in Photoshop really brought it all together. ¬†I finished, as almost always, with Noiseware Professional.

“Mother Gravestone, Revamped” is getting TONS of views currently on HDRspotting.com, and I’m glad I redid it. ¬†It is an image that I took in the Bayfield, CO cemetery after my very first infant photo session- from life to death. ¬†The original had some overblown highlights that at the time I didn’t know how to fix. ¬†I took that image and mixed it in Photoshop with the middle original picture, which calmed down some of the background. ¬†The rest of the photo is pretty much how the original looked. ¬†Love it!

“Sunset Durango, Vivid” came about after an exquisite sunset near my home. ¬†I processed the HDR as a very restrained HDR in Photomatix. ¬†I then took the .tif into Photoshop and really ramped up the colors- I’m sorry to say that the original images did not look so vivid! ¬†After I brought the colors to the point I enjoyed it, I removed the noise with Noiseware Pro and put the image into Lightroom for some final color tweaks. ¬†If anything, I wouldn’t mind removing some of the orange and yellows from around the mountain tops… but I couldn’t do that on a photo wide scale and that was what was available in Lightroom. ¬†I was feeling a bit lazy, so I capitulated and decided I liked the oranges and yellows enough ūüôā LOL.

I will be back Sunday or Monday. ¬†Enjoy these photos until then! ¬†Come back and see my next postings- I’m going on a great drive through Colorado and will be bringing my camera, so expect some new photos when I return.

See these and many other photos of mine on www.kelleybard.com. ¬†Most of these are in my “Places” gallery, if you are looking for specific works.