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Wedding Photos!

I was woefully late (almost a full week) in posting photos from last weekend’s wedding shoot, so here you go. Great, relaxed couple that I’ve been blessed to photograph several times. They wanted an autumn-ish wedding, so I processed it with a warm glow to show off all of the flower colors and such. Fun to shoot, for sure!

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BTW, I’m sitting here late at night, downloading music, listening to much more awake tunes than I should be at this hour, working on photos. How lucky am I?? Life is great.



Aww, Purdy. Storm Rainbow.

Sometimes you just see beauty and want to capture it, so that you can remember it later. That was the deep down feeling I had when I saw this rainbow. This was actually part of a double rainbow near where I live, but I focused tight on the brightest one. And boy, did it just keep going brighter and brighter… for almost an hour. Very impressive.

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UC Berkeley Glowing Students… From Google+ Photowalk


Being able to go on a photowalk with photographers that I admire like Thomas Hawk and Lotus Carroll was a dream come true! I just happened to be in the Bay Area the day that this afternoon photowalk took place, and I loved the chance to explore around my old school with a different, photographic eye. We were in transit from one interesting area to another when I saw these students out enjoying the sunset light and playing on one of the many grassy fields on campus. They looked so full of joy, I had to photograph them. As always, I’m happy to tag individuals if anyone comes up with names to match the photos, too, btw. Enjoy the photo today! It certainly makes me long for simpler times…

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Filbert St. Nightshade

Just a favorite little spot, and a beautiful flower from there.

Filbert St. Steps in San Francisco. Ever heard of it? It’s the best secret spot there. Guaranteed to be tourist free most of the time, mainly because it is STEEP. But it’s once in a lifetime. A tropical secret path on the backside of the Coit Tower hill, kept up beautifully by the people who live off the pathway. Quiet, green, beautiful views… it’s got it all. I love it. Also absurdly romantic… But the best part is something I haven’t even seen, which is the flock of wild parrots (pet escapees for 40+ years) which lives on this hillside as well. So you have views of the Bay Bridge, the wharf area, Coit Tower, and beautiful, unimaginably tropical foliage and animals. All on a deserted San Francisco street. What’s not to love?

I’ll post a pic of the pathway soon… I was just so in love with this flower against the palms that I had to show it off.

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Golden Gate Bridge Tower

This shot is an HDR taken looking up one of the main towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. The HDR caught some of the grungy metal texture and amplified it, and the color, etc was finished in Photoshop. I also used Topaz Adjust in this one, which I don’t use much anymore. But it gave some startling detail to the image.

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Enjoy… and if this makes you think of a certain two towers in New York City… well, I can’t say that they weren’t in the back of my mind when I finished this photo.


Mmm, Hungry? Chinatown Butcher’s

Taken from the window of a San Francisco Chinatown’s butcher shop. I couldn’t resist. I loved the exotic look, the joy of exploring this area. I’ve spent time in Chinatown before but it was nice to be back… and a fun way to spend an afternoon!

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Wedding Photo-Off… which version do you like?

So, what do you think? different crops, images, processing… Up to you, really. Let me know your thoughts. I know that I think the out of focus B&W is my favorite. But all are enjoyable.

More at www.kelleybard.com. I’ll be gone for a few days but back bursting with new, exciting travel images and a new wedding in early Sept. So come back soon!