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Fern Curliques

I held onto this photo for a while, knowing how I wanted it to look but just not getting around to it. The original background was a lit black sheet, so dark greyish, which I wanted to darken. The colors weren’t so dramatic and the purple wasn’t as noticeable (and the bright orange not nearly that color!). So I hit Photoshop and edited and played until the colors got right. Other than that I only had to do a bit of cloning.

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I’m off to go to my first solo art show! Wish me luck at the “LifeScapes” show at The Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO tonight!


Thinking of Japan and Hawaii- 2 Plumeria Images. Purchase Photos on Website and $ Goes to Japan

Plumeria Dream Textured

Dark Plumeria Textured

I was very worried for family and friends in Hawaii and Japan last night after I heard the news of the terrible earthquake. With nothing to do but fret, I opened up these old images from Hawaii and finished them. I’m sorry to say they are a bit dark and moody… I used dark textures liberally on both. The top one is an HDR from 3 exposures, and used OnOne PhotoTools to get the dreamy look (along with many textures). The bottom one used a lot of filters and textures to achieve it’s look.

Just what I could do while I worried about the effects of this disaster on innocent people.

I think that I will send 50% of any profits from these (sold on my website www.kelleybard.com/donation) to a Japanese earthquake organization, probably the Red Cross. Any suggestions on that would be welcome!

(Update: I looked at who was actively helping in Japan and decided to work with GlobalGiving.org, which seems to be a very smart, active organization dedicated to helping various causes. So any proceeds from these sales will be going directly to them, to be put towards their work in Japan. Currently, I believe, (3/16) their goal is $2 million U.S.).

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Red Calla Lily- Form

One of my lighting tests… I love this color of Calla Lily, though. I don’t often leave my photos without a bit of white in there to give balance… this one is all dark and mid tones, though, and I like it just fine that way! I am going to be shooting a wedding with these colors this summer, and I can’t wait. Photoshop, with a touch of OnOne PhotoTools (and I’ll work on that review in the early part of next week), where I used a filter that gave just a touch more contrast and detail to the flower. Enjoy this piece of beauty!

Coming up tomorrow, I have a well-textured image of the sound between the Outer Banks and the Mainland… I’ve always liked this image and I finally finished it last night, so you guys will be the first to view it!

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Have a good weekend!

Another Big Day of Visitors! And, Finally… a Warm Picture (Candle, Head-On)

Thanks to all the visitors today! It’s always nice to log on and have a nice surprise waiting!

I finished my series of images on ice crystals yesterday, and felt particularly Photoshoppy last night, so I created a poster with the 2 best reviewed images from the group.  I’ll post that directly after this discussion about the candle shot.

I took this image a week ago or so, during the night shots I was doing, playing with lighting (See “Child Holding Light” or some similar name from the recent posts).  I tried to get the flame head on.  In processing, I realized that the smooth wax was a bit boring, so I spruced up the saturation and added some textures. Do you feel like I do, that smooth, non detailed surfaces are HORRID in photography?? Like blue skies. I have always loved a nice, blue sky, but now it’s the worst punishment for me. Or, on the bright side, it’s a chance to be creative with my images for the day. Nah, it’s a punishment.

Anyways, it’s nice to put together a warm image after the past 4 days of ice! 🙂

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Here’s the poster from the past 4 days series…  Enjoy.

Child Holding Candle and New Inspirations!

Today was a great day for a photographer… not that I had the best light, the best sky, or even tons of time, but I had the joy of taking photos again. I have been feeling very experimental and open with ideas lately, and this photo expresses that learning feeling that I have inside. It’s a good place to be, to be willing to listen and learn and search for answers.  I saw several amazing images on another photographers site (Chris Giles at http://www.chrisgilesphoto.com), and they (along with other spots) started me on the path to learning again.  So I’m glad that I took a few precious moments in the last few days to try new techniques and think about composition and work out some problems in my photography.

This is just one of those experimental photos, but I was wondering how candle light worked in photos, and what f-stops and such I would need to use, and decided to test it.  It was fun and came up with a nice result… and I’m happy I did it.  I also did some frost photos today which I’ve been dying to take (I’ll post some in a later blog posting) and a professional portrait for a friend and his animal… which was a first.  So lots of new ideas floating around.

Feel free to stop by again and see my learning curve keep growing as I experiment more with this great art form!

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Fav pic of the week

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Playing with HDR lately, trying to learn it… this is the best pic I’ve made so far. It has problems but it makes me so happy- it’s exactly what I imagined, which is rare!