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Eternal Flame

This photo was taken at the gravesite of John F. Kennedy, in Arlington Cemetery, Washington, D.C.  I first went to Arlington when I was 13 and was really struck by it.  Recently, a favorite photographer of mine posted some photos from Arlington and my desire to go again was rekindled.  On a convenient trip to visit family in N. Virginia, I took an afternoon and wandered with my camera and tripod.  The amount of graves there is really astounding, and the solemnity is impressive.  I will probably have more photos from this day to publish as the time goes on.  I happened to be there on the eve of some book being published about JFK’s death, so this area was more busy than usual, with CNN reporters and the like.  That was exciting, but I wanted to contemplate it quietly, so I waited until the area had thinned of people before shooting my image.  I could, also, have moved a bit to the side so the lines wouldn’t be diagonal, but I liked this view too.  I desaturated most everything except the flame, and increased the contrast a bunch on the background.

One thing- I rarely if ever add deliberate blur to photos.  To me, it just doesn’t look good in most situations.  For this, though, I thought and thought and finally added it… and liked it.  What do you think?  I tried my hardest to both keep the flame and base in focus, and to make it a smooth transition from blur to focus.  How did I do?  Love to get responses on that, or on your general take of blurred images.

I will also post this to flickr and facebook… depending on the responses there, I may post it to my website.



Cute Baby Post Alert! Plus Upcoming Photos from HI, TX and D.C.

This is from last month, an infant and family shoot that I enjoyed immensely.  The girl shown was SUPER cute and very fun to take photos of.  She didn’t want to smile but had great expressions anyways, so I really like a lot of the photos.  These are some that I really enjoyed.  The day and site were perfect- an overcast park with unbearably green foliage.  I used my portable lighting setup for almost all of the shots and it really helped (thanks, Strobist site!)  If you are a photographer and are interested in lighting ideas, this blog has some great, great suggestions.  Anyways, I loved photographing the girl and only did minor corrections of exposure and color correction, plus some cleaning up the skin, sharpening, etc.  I think I did put each of these images through Imagenomics Portraiture program, which does a great job of getting the smooth skin look without losing focus where you want it.  I sound like an ad for them sometimes, I really do.

Upcoming Images:  Tomorrow I should be able to post at least one of the remaining Bohanan’s photos from San Antonio.  I have 2 or 3 which I really like and a few more which I look forward to playing with in Photoshop until I do really like them.  I still have several Washington D.C. photos and a few more random San Antonio images which I will be posting over the next week or so.  I head out on another photo trip (stated as such for the benefit of the IRS, as I’m sure they have nothing better to do than to check my blog) next week, so I’m building up a reserve of photos to post when I get the chance.  My postings may be spotty, but when I return I hope to have a slew of Hawaii photos to play with and show off!  I used to live on Oahu and this visit is for a family reunion- I doubt I’ll have lots of free time for photo hunting but I’ve got a list of likely places to shoot at and I may actually drag myself out of bed in the mornings so I can get some of the photos taken that I want.  I’m not a morning person, if you haven’t noticed by my “sunset only” photos 🙂  But Waimea Bay at sunrise is a mighty fine thing to view… so I’ve heard.  LOL.

If any photographers from Oahu read this blog, contact me as I would be interested in other’s ideas of good photo spots and maybe even a photo shoot partner/guide.

Thanks to all of the recent visitors to my blog, I hope that you find something you like and continue to return and view my art as it’s “fresh off the presses”.  Most of what is here ends up posted the same day to my website, www.kelleybard.com.  These particular images, being of a child, are not for sale and are currently in a locked “proof” gallery while the parents and family decide which images they like best.  But asap I will be putting the best of them into my infant portfolio (where you still cannot purchase the images, but you can see them).  Until then, enjoy the cuteness as shown here!

Lincolns Secret Door

I just found this door fascinating!  It was at the base of the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial, off to the side.  No big fancy lock, no sign saying what’s inside.  Maybe it’s Lincoln’s broom closet, who knows.  But it was beautiful, brilliant copper, set in this imposing wall… too fun.  I took several shots on my tripod (and let me tell you, tripods and Washington, D.C. memorials DO NOT go together, but if you are fast at taking shots and not right in the middle of the crowds, you can get away with it for a bit… although I was told it was a hefty fine if you get caught.  Why?  There are no signs saying no tripods… oh, but I digress).

I processed this as an HDR image, and then, for fun, double tone processed THAT, so it came out a bit unworldly.  I liked how the door looked, but had to work hard in Lightroom and Photoshop, playing with the exposure on the other sections of the photo, to bring it all together.  A surprising amount of time was put into the processing of this photo!  But I like the final image a lot, especially the door.  God that is an amazing shade that copper (+ photoshop and lightroom) can produce with waterstaining!

For anyone tired of my trip photos, I’ll be posting some other images soon…. but I still have LOTS of D.C. and San Antonio photos to finish, so expect a good sprinkling of them in the future!

Posted already on my website, www.kelleybard.com, where you can order prints if you so desire.