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Towards Telluride

This was from a series of exposures I took overlooking this field… I took the photos while driving up to Telluride, CO in early fall last year. I just thought that it was a beautiful field, all golden, with the incredible mountains in the back. Too cool. I put the images through Photomatix early on, planning to create a classic HDR from them. There were some problems, though (waving grasses made some blurs and issues in the field, etc) and I just know more about Photomatix now than 6 months ago. I never completed the image then. So I decided to use a single image now and see if I could get the image I dreamed of. I still had to do quite a bit of photoshopping, but overall I’m happy with the photo. What needed to get photoshopped? Well, with a single image HDR (a pseudo-HDR, really) you get a lot more noise it seems. So I had to do the noiseware dance- you know, when you are trying to remove noise but not detail? I put the photo through Topaz DeNoise twice, each time masking back in some of the details that were smoothed over with the noiseware. The second time I removed more blur and saved more detail through the sliders, but still… there was some of that detail-less look that bugs me, so masking was needed. I also brought out the greens (it IS St. Patrick’s Day, after all) with a green filter (and you know you can put that on with different lighting!?). This was overlay, I believe, but it’s amazing all the options you have in Photoshop. I will spend the rest of my life exploring it, I’m sure!

I’m not sure if the grass is the best possible look, I do love that HDR-ishness to it but it’s a bit noisy and crazy, too.

Lastly, I’m not convinced that I shouldn’t crop off the right side and the bottom, to get the red mountains more over to the right. I would lose the best pines and the foreground grasses, though, both of which I like a lot!

Love opinions and thoughts on these questions, thoughts and meanders. Have a glorious St. Patricks Day, everyone.

See more of my work on my website, www.kelleybard.com, or flickr or facebook (great discussion going on with yesterdays image on facebook right now- about HDR and if it’s photography or not. Check my page (link to right) if you want to weigh in.

Ladybug on Leaves- experiment photo. Tomorrow photo teaser, too! Plus Japanese Earthquake Support.

Sometimes I come across a photo which I like, but know it’s just not 100% great… this was one like that. I liked the idea and the image, but in the original, the ladybug and the leaves were almost the same color (taken in Yosemite in early December). There was also some distracting elements- the leaves in the lower right corner were in focus, but which dragged the eye downward (I felt). So I played, experimenting. I think my weekend pictures will be more on this level from now on- I’ll still post fav images if I am really in the mood, but I’ll try to save the great ones for the week. That means, though, that I’ll have more experimental and fun ones on the weekends, and sometimes those get the most responses. So don’t walk away on the weekends… unless you have a life or something (unlike me).

Anyways, OnOne PhotoTools has been a good help lately, so I went there. I’m finding that I use that for blur and glow pics mostly, and I wanted to explore more filters. This photo got the antique color filter and the 81 warming filter. I also went back into Photoshop and Lightroom and blurred the area around the ladybug (masking rocks) and played with the ladybug’s coloring as well.

A fun experiment, for sure.

Enjoy my photography at www.kelleybard.com. This one isn’t there yet, but I depend on the comments of others to tell me what is good and what isn’t, so I factor in responses here, on facebook and on flickr to get ideas of what to post in the future.

**Speaking of future posts, I have a photo which I’ve been working on since November which I’m finally happy with- that will be my photo tomorrow. For Boulderites, it’s an image from one of your amazing local sites. Check back to see the image- hopefully stunning HDR (already submitted to hdrspotting.com as well). **

**The 2 images which I created for Japanese Earthquake support are on my site at www.kelleybard.com/donation. I have had many visits but not many purchases and I’d love comments on why you think that may be. I really hope to be able to help in this small way. I really, really like the idea of giving back, though, so I will be working to build relationships and add images monthly or so which will be “donation” images. Suggest some organizations and causes to me, I’ll be working with the companies to bring some knowledge and hopefully some financial support their way in the future.**

Count the Gravestones… “Arlington Endless Graves”

This was taken on a sunny, warm day in fall, at Arlington National Cemetery.  I just find that place amazing… scary and overwhelmingly solemn, but amazing.

I used 3 photographs and created an HDR from them, to get the nice glow in the final photo.

While I liked the image, I wanted to further warm up the colors and to add some textures that might create additional depth.  I used textures with various designs, all with warm colors.  I especially like the vine texture which adds some interesting lines across the gravestones and the lawn.  Some other wall textures gave a deep, old look to the image.

Feel free to look at this and other photos at my website, http://www.kelleybard.com.

Into The Sky

Into The Sky

I got lucky with this photo.  I was driving south from Colorado Springs on I-25 last week, and saw the sky forming these amazing clouds with great sun rays coming through them.  I was near some farm roads so I took an offramp and started exploring, looking for a good shot.  I liked how this hill ended with the cloud view above it, so I grabbed my camera and did a few handheld shots of it.  As I was playing with different views, these two girls rode by, riding slowly, with 2 dogs.  They headed up the hill and I braced myself for a chance to get a few quick shots.  As they reached the top, I fired off the 3 exposures needed for HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging).  I knew, with the sun in the position it was, that the foreground would be too dark without an HDR image.  With the HDR image, I could pick and choose how I wanted the foliage and road and girls to look.  I did replace the girls with their images in the darker version of the photo, though… I liked the silhouette look so much!  I also added some warming tones with a filter in Photoshop, picking up the autumn colors and warming the desaturated sky.  Other than those things, I did more cloning and removing of items in this photo that usual- I took one of the dogs out, and all of the road trash that was on the side of the road (this was the road to the local landfill, so there was a lot of trash blown around!).

This photo has been sitting all day on the featured page of HDRspotting.com, which is exciting.  I’m looking forward to seeing how many visits it got once I see the stats for today!  I’ve had a few photos featured there, and it’s always an honor… HDRspotting.com is truly the best place I’ve found for viewing quality HDR images from around the world.  If you get a chance, check it out.  You can see some beautiful HDR there, and often in better quality than on flickr.

Speaking of flickr, I’ve also been getting lots of hits and awards with this photo there, too!  I’ve been a slight bit obsessed with flickr lately, and I’ve been adding this photo to a lot of flickr groups to see others reactions.  (That’s how you get hits, too, I’ve decided.  Adding to lots and lots of groups.  Which allows me to see some other amazing artwork, so it’s isn’t too bad).  So far, almost uniformly positive.  Which is awfully nice.  I love the constructive criticism too, though, so bring it on if you got it!

I’m also listing this on my website, Kelleybard.com.  If you go there, you can enjoy all of my quality artwork- I make sure to post images that get attention here, or in other spots on the web.  I love comments there as well (hint, hint!).

Thanks for viewing this, and enjoy!

Autumn is here- and Winter fast approaching…

Burnished Pumpkins

Here is a photo I took at our local pumpkin patch.  I wanted to have a snazzy HDR image to liven up the classic pumpkin photo… so this was my response.  I was pleasantly surprised when the HDR process brought out the metallic look in the pumpkins, though!  Beautiful.  I didn’t try to change any of the imperfections on the pumpkins, the most that I did was mix in two of the original images so that I could get darker shadows or clean up noise.  I also removed some of the red color in the image, as the shadows were a bit TOO red.  I am pretty sure that I ran this through Topaz DeNoise as well, as I seem to be using that program a lot lately.

This photo was taken for the 10/10/10 photo expositions on flickr… it was great fun to play around my local pumpkin patch.  Of course, you can also see this on my website- www.kelleybard.com.

Telluride Valley and a WINNER for the FREE PRINT!

Telluride Valley 2

As promised, here is a photo from my recent visit to Telluride, CO.  The way there was absolutely stunning, the aspens were in full autumn glory and it was just amazing.  I enjoyed my time exploring the town (no Tom Cruise sightings, though… alas) and was getting ready to leave when my kids demanded a trip to the airport.  I’m SURE that they just wanted a quick and easy ride home, rather than another 2.5 hours spent in the back of my car, but I capitulated and headed towards the airport.  The drive took us by some really snazzy, Telluride-esque homes, and on the way back, I saw this view.  (Btw, the airport was empty except for a private jet on the runway and a stretch limo in the parking lot.  lol).

Now, those who have been to Telluride will perhaps say that this is not the view they remember.  Well, that is what photoshop is for, right?  Bringing our memory, our creativity, and our photos together as one.  In this case, as several, as I worked out many different versions of this photo.  I even posted one to flickr, etc before realizing that I wanted to work on it some more.  My original version- HDR from Photomatix, with saturation changes, Topaz Adjust layers, and a very strong overlay of Noiseware Professional, looked more like a painting.  Beautiful, but a bit too smoothed out for me.  So I experimented with the different layers and original photos and did some creative masking, leaving bits of the originals while allowing some of the HDR brilliance to show through.  This is my final version…. I think.  I do love the sky, though.  That has remained unchanged- although it was lowered from the original HDR image, so that the cloud is in the cropped photo.  Natives will also say that the mountains are much browner, less colorful.  Well, true.  But it’s art.  And all those hues were there- shifted some, saturation-boosted to be sure, but gloriously colorful.  So enjoy it!

This image is found at my website, www.kelleybard.com/places.  Coming up- first snow in the mountains today prompted a trip into the La Platas (mountain range), where I got an amazing photo.  It’s my first attempt at an HDR panorama and I hope that you will like it… I’ll post it tomorrow!


**FREE PRINT** And the winner of the free 11×14 sized print is… Patty!  My assistant drew her name out of the hat yesterday.  Patty will be getting a free print of her choice and free shipping anywhere in the US.  Everyone who entered is getting a one time 25% off coupon for artwork at my website, http://www.kelleybard.com.  If you entered and didn’t receive an email from me with the coupon code, I probably didn’t have more personal info than your name.  Please contact me at kelleybard@yahoo.com for that info.  If you didn’t enter and are kicking yourself, stop… you can still get great deals by becoming a fan on facebook or buzztown (look for Kelley Bard Photography) or by contacting me by email to get on the email list.  I don’t spam and I don’t send out tons of emails…. mostly just deals and important news, so get connected and save yourself cash!

Great Day Shooting in Telluride

No pics finished yet, and I’m beyond exhausted, but I had an excellent time exploring around Telluride and viewing the aspens and oaks at the peak of their autumn colors! A bit of rain and some beautiful clouds and a good day overall. Pics to come soon, promise!