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A moment of zen… Early Morning Bay Bridge

Calm water, fog… ahhh. I had dreamed, planned to go to the Ferry Building in San Francisco months before I arrived. For sunrise. I wasn’t sure how in the hell I was going to wake up that early on a vacation, with no car, and get down there (taxi worked well, btw), but I was going to do it. And I actually followed through. I think that I am more apt to do hard work for art that I love, than for myself. Just an observation- maybe my own moment of zen.

Often my photos end up on my website- http://www.kelleybard.com. I also have flickr, facebook and google+ accts where I post photos. Flickr and Facebook are under “Kelley Bard Photography”, google+ is under Kelley Bard. Look me up in those places if you wish, oftentimes there is overlap, but sometimes I post a photo just to one area, or observations/thoughts/fun stuff.



Golden Gate Bridge Tower

This shot is an HDR taken looking up one of the main towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. The HDR caught some of the grungy metal texture and amplified it, and the color, etc was finished in Photoshop. I also used Topaz Adjust in this one, which I don’t use much anymore. But it gave some startling detail to the image.

More at www.kelleybard.com if you are interested!

Enjoy… and if this makes you think of a certain two towers in New York City… well, I can’t say that they weren’t in the back of my mind when I finished this photo.


Snowy Tree and S Road- Another from the recent Colorado Snowstorm

I got some flickr and facebook feedback on yesterday’s posts… still looking for thoughts from you all on which image strikes you more, though! (fyi)

Todays picture: similar scene as yesterdays image, but this is an HDR so there is a bit of a different light look to the whole photo. 3 exposures of this scene with quite a bit of fog in the distance. I ended up adding some textures and doing some serious Photoshop playing to get this look- changing curves, increasing contrast on the road tracks, that type of thing. I was struck by this image from the first, though, and hope you are too!

Posted to http://www.kelleybard.com, plus flickr and facebook (and buzztown, I’m increasing my use of that site, too). See links to all on the right of this page.

Enjoy your day! I’m just glad all the snow went as fast as it came, and it’s a nice warm day here today!


Compare: Snow Covered Trees (IR vs IR Glow)

Above is the “IR Glow” version… I softened the clarity on that one. Below is a more sharpened version.

So… what do you think? We had this great, wet spring snowstorm this week. All of the snow melted quickly, but at 7:30 am my kid woke me and wanted to go play in the snow. I was grumpy until I saw how beautiful it was- then I grabbed my camera and split with her! We were wandering the streets around our house with snowpants over our pj’s, and I managed to snap 200+ pictures in about 15 minutes.

I’ll be showing more over the next week or so, but this one called to me. This is a single shot, with some OnOne conversions that really brought out the glow in the snow. The branches are normally a bright yellow (not sure what kind of tree) so I wanted to remove the colors as much as possible. I used one of the glow filters in PhotoTools and then the B&W IR conversion filter. I reduced that one to allow for some of the blue sky to come back, but really liked the result. So much that later on in Lightroom I took out the yellows and oranges to make it that much more striking. Perhaps someday I’ll set up an IR camera… it’s tempting, for sure!

The two versions are a softened and sharpened version. My vote is for the softened one, surprisingly. You don’t have to look far at my work to see that I like sharpened images a lot. But lately, doing the daily photo thing has caused me to definitely be more creative and more open to different looks and ideas.

Anyways, I would LOVE critiques and/or thoughts on which is a better image. I’ll have an HDR version of this out soon, too, as well as other shots from this glorious morning shoot.

Seen on flickr, facebook and my website, www.kelleybard.com.

Glowing Ribbon of Water, and Thanks again for the Visits! And… Event Monday

I think, after my steampunk balloon photo, I’m trying to push the fantasy look of my photos a bit. So this is Lower Yosemite Falls, Idealized in my mind, for all eternity. The original pic wasn’t quite so perfect… not far from the final image, but more blah, less great water (in all honesty, I wish I could be one of those photographers who could make total fantasy creations in Photoshop- either I’m not creative enough, or just not computer/Photoshop savvy enough, but I wouldn’t even know where to start!). I always liked this pic, though, so I wanted to finish it. Photoshop and Topaz Adjust cleaned up the foggy look a bit, and sharpened it up. I turned it black and white, which made it better, but still not perfect… I went into OnOne PhotoTools and finally got the right mix, ghosting and glowing the water a bit, while still getting the sharpness of the rocks and the details. I finished with Lightroom and made the sepia look… which worked in my mind as I saw this as sorta ideal, possibly in the past Yosemite Falls.

Besides talking about this pic, I wanted to thank you all, again, for another max day yesterday! I think it was that steampunk balloon image that caught someone’s attention… I try to notice that and it’s good for me to see what works for people and what doesn’t, so keep commenting and visiting pics and such, please!

This, along with my other fav pics and (most importantly) YOUR fav pics, is posted to www.kelleybard.com. I’ve also got it on flickr and facebook. Hopefully I’ll get some more feedback on this in one or all places, so I can see what YOU think of it. Comments are loved, always. And keep visiting!


**Event- Grand Opening of The Red Tent, a womens healing center in Durango, CO**

Monday, Valentines Day from 5-7 is the grand opening of The Red Tent. I spent a good amount of today there, putting my pics on the walls. I’ll be one of the featured artists for the next 2 months there. I’ve got 3 framed images (one a 30×40 frame and 20×30 print, it’s HUGE!) and a canvas wrap coming (another first). I hope to get lots and lots of maternity and infant work out of this, it will be a fun place to be associated with! Check out www.redtentwellness.com for information. And maybe… see you there!

Half Dome from bridge (Second of 2 photos)- I’d LOVE comments here!

So here’s my second version of the same image, processed a bit more “HDR’y” although both came from the same HDR image.  I like the more extreme HDR look here, but don’t like the increased noise in the water and trees, and the smoothed out look that came from my Topaz Denoise noiseware also bugs me in some of the plants along the river.  The other is probably the best technically… But this one calls to me still…

So I’m torn.  Love some comments to see which YOU like better.

Posted to Facebook and flickr.


Half Dome from Bridge, Calm (first of 2 versions of photo)

Classic photo of Half-Dome… I had to try my hand at it.  This is from a bridge across the Merced River, which gives you the perfect image of Half Dome.  That day, and every day I was in Yosemite Valley on this trip, there was this heavy ground fog as well.  I really like how it made the image come out.

Photo is an HDR from 3 different exposures, all taken with tripod and processed in Photomatix Pro 4.  I then did some shifting and cleaning up in Photoshop.  I tried a different approach today, usually I remove all the noise and significantly soften the image, but after a Nik Software landscape class this morning, I decided to leave the image with a bit more noise and do more sharpening as well.  I have stayed away from sharpening in many of my images and perhaps they have suffered a bit… any thoughts from out there on this conundrum?

I’ll review the Nik class in the near future, but in short, it was a good one!

Oh, black and white because of the Ansel Adams fan in me.  I literally can’t see a photo of Half Dome in color, it just doesn’t work for me.  I did apply a blue filter to this, to bring out the glow in the white snow.  It adds a nice mood, I think.

The other version is a bit more noisy and a bit more contrasty… more of your classic HDR I think… I’ll post it tomorrow, so come back!

This will go to flickr and facebook and my website:


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website: http://www.kelleybard.com.

Love your comments, especially after tomorrows version is posted!