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Contemplating Maternity and new work at www.kelleybard.com

I really like the look on this woman’s face… but I didn’t want to make the image into a sad, contemplative photo, as you don’t want sad, maternity images (that may sell SOMEWHERE but not to my clients!!). So I tried to turn it into a warmer image with the slight color tint. I suppose I could also go in with Liquify and give her a bit of a smile… I love photoshop. Have I said this before?!? Anyways, I like how this came out. The blur makes the dress (some wrinkles were distracting) come out better, a slight vignetting helped with the focus, and the stark but warm image with the beautiful skin and hair really ties it all together.

In maternity images, I know that most clients will buy 1-2 images, maybe a few for family but never the amount that a family or baby shoot brings out. But that doesn’t matter much to me. It is such a special moment in women’s lives, and a time when they are truly gorgeous and glowing… I’m glad to get to celebrate that. I try to bring together art and classic imagery with these shoots, to clearly show the beauty being presented.

Enjoy my work at www.kelleybard.com. I redid the portfolios last night so there are more images (from my client folders, in many cases) which have not been shown before. Enjoy!




Bryce Canyon Tree and a New Use for HDR


Have you ever taken a landscape image you liked in theory but it just didn’t have great or interesting lighting? Here is a way I’ve found to create a better image from a good one:This was a tree I found on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was in a gorgeous area of these red rock formations, and I looked up and saw this tree and fell in love. The sky was more blue, and the rock wasn’t as vivid or well lit (it was solidly overcast, so the light was nice and soft but not interesting), so I chose to process it as an HDR. I took 3 images (my normal landscape protocol so I can pick and choose HDR’s in the future) and processed them in Photomatix. The result I liked best left the tree and rock dark. So I processed it a second time with the same images, this time making the light on the rock brighter and lightening the tree area as well. I followed the process discussed below and mixed the two .tif’s to create the rock lighting that I wanted. Then I finished the photoshop creation with some cleanup touches and here you are!


1. Take 3 or more shots (for me, the Canon can take -2, 0, and +2 exposures every time I shoot an image) whenever you might possibly use a photo for an HDR.

2. Process the set of exposures in Photomatix, the Nik HDR program, or Photoshop (any HDR creation program). Process it once as your ideal sky and save it. Then undo tone mapping and re-create it with your ideal rock lighting. Save that one as well.

3. Put both images into Photoshop, layer the images (shift and drag one onto the other) and mix them however you find best!

4. Finish it with noise reduction, sharpening, saturation and hue changes… whatever you wish for your HDR image.

5. Save it as a final image and enjoy!

So, a new option to use with good photos that I want to turn into great photos. Nice to find.

See this at www.kelleybard.com. Thanks for viewing!



Cherry Flowers at Cherry Creek

I took this image at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, CO, with my new wide angle lens. The first set of images to be taken with that lens, in fact (this was cropped so you can’t really tell). I really liked the beautiful spring blossoms and wanted to share them. As usual for my photos, I felt the blue sky of that morning detracted from the flowers so I desaturated the sky quite a bit. Hope you like the image!

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Newborn Bear

Totally sweet photo from this cutie baby today! My first newborn shoot… and I loved it. Although the baby is 15 days old here, and you could really tell with some of the curled up poses… she was all about stretching out at this age. A classic newborn shoot happens in the first 2 weeks, the earlier the better. Still, I got some wonderful images today and had loads of fun- thanks to her parents for allowing me the chance to take this and other images!

By the way, this hat is unbearably cute. And yes, I meant that. It’s a darling bear hat with long tassles… I’ll show the whole thing in a future image. Thanks to Etsy.com, where you can find cute stuff like this! I’ll update this with the creator when I get a chance.

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Spinning Spring Flowers

And now for something completely different…

Really, the whole idea of a daily photo blog is to force you into more creativity and finding opportunities for photographs beyond the usual. This was a good example of it. I set my camera for a relatively long exposure (1/8th of a second) and spun the camera (handheld) while I took the picture. I tried it a lot, and came out with a few decent, interesting images. I then processed it in photoshop with some fun tricks- OnOne PhotoTools to get some glowy blur, and Topaz Adjust to get some color “pop”. Like I said, it was an experiment. But one I like the results of! Maybe next I’ll try spinning it on the tripod…

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Family Portrait (clients, that is)

Here is a sweet portrait of the family I photographed last week… some shots were done inside, some in their backyard, and this one on their front porch. I love the bright, colorful image! Some photoshop playing, getting the dark eyes and hair was accomplished with a soft light layer on top of the image, and I took a swing through PhotoTools and got a slight diffused look to their skin (after Portraiture). Overall a cute image. I got a few candid ones too, I’ll probably post those later… I caught the whole family laughing and it was a great moment!

Portrait work done in and out of my studio, this was a client’s home shoot but I’m starting in studio shoots tomorrow and looking forward to it!

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Lifescapes… a mix of portraits and landscapes. Nice, huh? And a Child Portrait to post…

2 versions of a sweet portrait I took this weekend at a clients house. I used my new portable black background… came out a bit grey in the flash but still a nice thing to add to my photo arsenal! I LOVE the look on this 3 year olds face. She was very smiley most of the photo shoot but this was one of the first pictures and I think she didn’t quite know what to make of it. The look in her eyes is priceless. She had pulled up one knee and was sitting on a white chair, and I like how those shapes repeat themselves in the image (although I may try to black out the chair behind her, just for a different look). Overall, I think it’s a little extreme but I love the glowing skin and the deep, serious look. More to come from this shoot and from the landscapes promised.

Lifescapes. Do you like the idea? I am equally drawn towards portraits of families and individuals (Lifestyle photography- maternity, infant, child, family, events) and landscapes, so I thought I would work those two into a sort of “mission statement” on what I’m trying to accomplish.

See more of my work at www.kelleybard.com.

Let me know which you like better? I think both are beautiful, but I’m often not the best to nitpick photos I’ve taken. Although I’m trying to become better at choosing!