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Colorado Plains

Taken while driving across Colorado. New photo with my new wide angle… in some ways, it’s a very bland photo. But I’m very impressed by the beauty, the emptiness, and the SPACE that is visible! Gorgeous. This state is amazing.

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Flatirons from Chautauqua

This was the morning before I got my wide angle… it would have been nice to have on this shoot, though! I love, love, love Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO. It’s amazing. I headed there the first morning I was in Boulder, and saw this amazing sky forming. You should have seen me booking across the field to catch a good angle! The photo is an HDR, made from 3 different exposures of the scene. I hope you enjoy it. The solitude and calm of that morning was amazing, and the otherworldly Flatiron mountains are incredible.

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More images are going to come from this great trip, including some darling family and baby shots that I was blessed to take. Keep coming back to view them as I post my daily photos for 2011!

Antique Car in Field

An interesting find along an unknown road near my home… 3 similar cars, all half-car, half man’s creation with wood and wire and such. I really had to take a photo- not the best time of day, it was very bright out but I played extensively in Photoshop and with some cool tweaks (fill lighting to get into the shadows, and a black and white conversion into infrared which really darkened the sky and lightened the plants) I think it turned out well. I remembered a black and white conversion I saw on PhotoVision a few nights ago (great set of DVDs with various photographers going through their workflow and day to day experiences), on this one the photographer suggested warming up a black and white with a bare hint of white balance shift, and I did that here. It really helped, I think.

I will probably try to get back to this site at a more photo friendly time of day. I’m excited to see how else I can show off this and the other great cars!

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Towards Telluride

This was from a series of exposures I took overlooking this field… I took the photos while driving up to Telluride, CO in early fall last year. I just thought that it was a beautiful field, all golden, with the incredible mountains in the back. Too cool. I put the images through Photomatix early on, planning to create a classic HDR from them. There were some problems, though (waving grasses made some blurs and issues in the field, etc) and I just know more about Photomatix now than 6 months ago. I never completed the image then. So I decided to use a single image now and see if I could get the image I dreamed of. I still had to do quite a bit of photoshopping, but overall I’m happy with the photo. What needed to get photoshopped? Well, with a single image HDR (a pseudo-HDR, really) you get a lot more noise it seems. So I had to do the noiseware dance- you know, when you are trying to remove noise but not detail? I put the photo through Topaz DeNoise twice, each time masking back in some of the details that were smoothed over with the noiseware. The second time I removed more blur and saved more detail through the sliders, but still… there was some of that detail-less look that bugs me, so masking was needed. I also brought out the greens (it IS St. Patrick’s Day, after all) with a green filter (and you know you can put that on with different lighting!?). This was overlay, I believe, but it’s amazing all the options you have in Photoshop. I will spend the rest of my life exploring it, I’m sure!

I’m not sure if the grass is the best possible look, I do love that HDR-ishness to it but it’s a bit noisy and crazy, too.

Lastly, I’m not convinced that I shouldn’t crop off the right side and the bottom, to get the red mountains more over to the right. I would lose the best pines and the foreground grasses, though, both of which I like a lot!

Love opinions and thoughts on these questions, thoughts and meanders. Have a glorious St. Patricks Day, everyone.

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Curbex (new word?- Country Urban Exploration) ‘Enjoy The View’, Plus Photovision discussion

I came across this gloriously ratty seat when I was chasing down the bald eagle in yesterdays post. I’ve actually been to this site before, it’s an abandoned shack and field off the main road into Durango, CO, I pass it whenever I go into town. The chair is new, though, as are several piles of dumped trash in the field to the right of this image. Sigh. But back to the image… I fell in love with this chair at first sight. Not enough to sit on it and get wet, mildewy or scabies, but as a photographer who has a secret urbex fantasy (I really, really love urbex photos and wish that I was in a place where I could take more of them), this seemed like a good mix of urbex and country landscapes. Hence, curbex. Which has probably been used before, but I will swear forever now that I invented it.

I watched my first episode of Photovision 2010 last night, and for a set of DVD’s that cost me $30, it was well worth it. I think if I lived in a place where there were lots of photo workshops and such, it wouldn’t be quite as helpful. But I learned several things, including several handy Photoshop tips that I am super glad of using. One I used in last nights image- making a layer, turning it black and white with gradient map (photoshop menu Images–> Adjustments –> Gradient Map) and then I lowered the opacity to around 50%. It gave a darkened, moody, desaturated feeling to the image. Another handy photoshop tip was to create a layer and change it from normal to hard light- it gave an amazing strong look to the photo (also lowered in opacity, it would have been too intense). I use the lighting in layers a lot with textures, but hadn’t even thought to use it in an image! It made the photo (an HDR from 3 exposures) look a bit more edgy. Hopefully not too edgy, but it needed that look. Once I see the whole set, I’ll make more of a comment. But, halfway through the first DVD, it’s already worth it to me.

Lots of little details worked on here, but I’m glad that I did them. I really liked this image, as soon as I saw it in real life and could imagine what the final photo could look like… yay!

For more urbex, I’ll gush in the near future about Scott Frederick Photography, but you can check out his blog here right now! He is a steady contributor to HDRspotting.com, as am I, and I really respect his work.

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Sound, Grass and Dock

I really like texturing images, but tend to keep them really light, almost undistinguishable (is that really a word? Really?) from the original image except for a tinge of texture, detail or color. I guess in most photography that is my aim, to make small changes that add up to much better images in the long run.

This image certainly doesn’t have the amt of texture that I’ve seen on some, but it’s heavier than most of my images. I keep the texture away from the grasses- and didn’t the HDR make that grass come out AMAZING??- and concentrated on the sky and water. I also used a texture I don’t usually use, one of the Stuck In Customs 25 texture pack… this one created the “scratchy” look on this print. Let me clarify, though… when I use textures, I almost always use some of the Stuck In Customs textures. They are great. But I often use the more mellow ones, the wall texture types. Not ones that are radically detailed and different… but it worked here, so I’m not complaining!

This was a shot that I took and wanted to finish months ago. I am glad that I finally got an HDR version that I liked (redid it several times with different settings) and textures and a look that I love.

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Road Less Travelled, Red Tent Opening News

This photo was a long time coming… and I’m still not 100% sure that I’m done messing with it! I came across this field on a sunset drive through the country near my house. I loved, loved the tracks through the field, and wanted to document them. I took many photos, trying different looks. Finally I settled on this single image, after trying HDR’s, textures, etc… the original was very warm, sunsety light and I wanted to keep it but it just didn’t show the tracks well enough, so I went to black and white and made it very contrasty. Love to hear comments from others, I’m still not feeling the total love from this one. But it may grow on me…

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HEY! For those unable to attend the opening of The Red Tent Healing Women’s Center in Durango, CO last night, you missed my art… but it will be up for the next 2 MONTHS so feel free to come check it out! I have 3 large prints and a canvas wrap up, and there is talk of a possible gallery style opening in March… stay tuned for news on that! Check www.redtentwellness.com for info!