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Mother’s Gravestone

I had SO much fun in the short photo shoot I took in the Bayfield, CO cemetery!  This was another beautiful gravestone that I saw as I wandered around.  I set up the tripod, snapped off 3 bracketed exposures, and was so excited for the HDR that would come out of it.  Photomatix didn’t disappoint.  The sky in the background, the stone texture… I love it all.  I’m really grateful for getting such beautiful images and getting to play with them.  To the family of the unknown person whose grave this is, I’m very grateful to you too.

Often, to get a really overwhelming HDR image, I will use the tone mapping feature 2 or more times, really concentrating the HDR effect.  This image, though, only needed one trip through tone mapping to get this beautiful effect.  It’s neat to me when I get such strong results from a set of images.  Always learning, I guess!

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Daily Photo- Gravestone and Dandelions

I decided to upload a bit larger size image today, let me know what you think!  All images are viewable at full size on www.kelleybard.com as well, this one is in the “places” gallery.

Anyways, thanks for looking at my photos!  I went back into my files tonight and this one jumped out at me… I’m trying to mix and match my photos for this site, but so far I’ve posted a lot of HDR, and this is another.  I think I’m just so excited by the possibilities of HDR images lately!

BTW, I would have forgotten this photo, maybe forever, if I hadn’t been going back into the vault for photo post ideas, so thanks again for that.

Ok, this photo jumped out at me- sunny day, wandering around the Bayfield, CO cemetary after a great infant shoot (from birth to death, hmmm…), and I loved this composition.  The dandelions were almost that bright that day.  The gravestone was almost that worn (I REALLY love how stone and rocks look with HDR processing, so when I saw this, bells rang).  I tone mapped this a few times in Photomatix, so there was lots of noise and some halos around the flowers…. I was able to reduce a lot of it, but not all.

When walking around cemeteries it’s probably bad form to step on the graves.  That started to creep me out while I was exploring.  Luckily I didn’t have anyone else there to yell at me- and the dead didn’t talk, except through this image…. *cue scary fade-out music…*  Enjoy!

Daily Photo- The Angels Loving Arms

So I’m trying the daily photo post thing, just to see how it works.  I love the idea, but with 2 young kids, I may miss a day or two….  I’ll try my best though!

This is a photo that I love, an HDR image (which is a type of photograph that I’m really enjoying learning how to make).  I found this statue in a graveyard in Bayfield, CO, on a beautiful day.  I had just finished a wonderful infant photo session and was all hyped up, saw the graveyard as I was driving home and couldn’t resist stopping.  No idea how old the statue was, or how long it had been broken like it is, but there were graves that I saw dated back to the late 1800’s.  I also saw a few gravestones labelled simply “unknown”.  I may post a photo of them in the future, I couldn’t imagine spending eternity as an “unknown”.

I’m taking several ideas from Trey Ratcliff’s blog, found here.  I really admire his work.  He did much to develop HDR as a type of photography.  I will not only show HDR here, because I take many different types of images.  I plan to show my landscapes, portraits, HDR and fine art images here.  Enjoy them all!

You can see my whole portfolio and work at www.kelleybard.com.