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1 Nature Shot, 2 REALLY Cute Kids

Sweet photos from a recent photo shoot and a not-so-recent-but-recently-finished waterfall image. Sorry about no posts the past 2 days… I’ve been wiped. It’s nice being busy with photography, really! I know I’m lucky to get to do something I love. but when I get a bunch of jobs and some are rush jobs, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I think I will learn better post-processing as I go, I’m already tons faster and better than when I started.

Contemplating Maternity and new work at www.kelleybard.com

I really like the look on this woman’s face… but I didn’t want to make the image into a sad, contemplative photo, as you don’t want sad, maternity images (that may sell SOMEWHERE but not to my clients!!). So I tried to turn it into a warmer image with the slight color tint. I suppose I could also go in with Liquify and give her a bit of a smile… I love photoshop. Have I said this before?!? Anyways, I like how this came out. The blur makes the dress (some wrinkles were distracting) come out better, a slight vignetting helped with the focus, and the stark but warm image with the beautiful skin and hair really ties it all together.

In maternity images, I know that most clients will buy 1-2 images, maybe a few for family but never the amount that a family or baby shoot brings out. But that doesn’t matter much to me. It is such a special moment in women’s lives, and a time when they are truly gorgeous and glowing… I’m glad to get to celebrate that. I try to bring together art and classic imagery with these shoots, to clearly show the beauty being presented.

Enjoy my work at www.kelleybard.com. I redid the portfolios last night so there are more images (from my client folders, in many cases) which have not been shown before. Enjoy!



Back in Action! Some of what was missed over the past 2 weeks….

Sorry again for being gone so long, I was able to keep up with my flickr and facebook postings but it was too much to do this blog as well. So back to the grindstone…

Here are a few of the cute images missed in the past few weeks!





HDR: (Well, the one above is also an HDR)

And Commercial:


Wide Angle where it probably shouldn’t be used…. :)

So… there is something really cute about using a wide angle lens for a portrait. I can’t stop thinking of those cutesy photos of animals with big heads and little bodies (usually sugar-sweet puppies to boot, naturally) but I think it is a classic photo just because it is how most parents see their kids so much of the time. Anyways, I am called to do photos of the kids looking up and think it is darling, usually. Using a wide angle lens just took it to the next level, though!

I doubt that this will become a normal portrait style of mine, but it was fun to explore and perhaps some parents may like it… I will put it in my poses list just for giggles. Enjoy this, and if you want to see my more conventional images, check out www.kelleybard.com.

Cutie in Fancy Dress

Quick post- sick kids of my own to care for… but I love this image and wanted to show it off. I may go back into the file and remove the blue cast, though… Sometimes I regret having gotten daylight balanced lights, tungsten is so nice and warm!

More at http://www.kelleybard.com. Enjoy!

Sibling Portrait

This was a great experience… learning (as always!) accelerates when I have more variables thrown into the mix. Here I had 2 different girls to photograph together. The older one was a bit leery of the camera and couldn’t seem to get comfortable with the idea, although I did catch some good candid type looks from her. The youngest was just full of exploration and trying new stuff. I thought that this might bring both together in a way that I couldn’t get in other settings, so I set up the chair and the older girl and let the 1 yr old explore. I think it shows a good image of the dynamic between them, the care for each other and the sweetness inherent in their relationship.

What do you think? Check www.kelleybard.com for more of my work, or explore around here (using the categories is a great way to see landscapes, portraits, etc easily here).


Side Lying Newborn and Newborn Nude Ideas

I really loved this newborn photo shoot, it was a total gift to be able to take these images! I look forward to future photo sessions with newborns, they are just so amazing and beautiful and miraculous!

The nude newborn is a shot that some photographers do, and some don’t. I have a washing machine with a super hot setting to sanitize items, so I just figure that I can wash anything soiled with that and keep it safe to use for others… I think parents have more fears and/or embarrassment about it than I do, anyways. I wash all of the props and backgrounds or disinfect them in between shoots, anyways. On this shoot, we went until the black fuzzy blanket got soiled, then switched to other props and images (and a diaper). It was a nice mix and I think it worked well for the photos.

Enjoy this and more at my website, www.kelleybard.com. Thanks for checking out my work, and enjoy!