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1 Nature Shot, 2 REALLY Cute Kids

Sweet photos from a recent photo shoot and a not-so-recent-but-recently-finished waterfall image. Sorry about no posts the past 2 days… I’ve been wiped. It’s nice being busy with photography, really! I know I’m lucky to get to do something I love. but when I get a bunch of jobs and some are rush jobs, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I think I will learn better post-processing as I go, I’m already tons faster and better than when I started.


Cherry Flowers at Cherry Creek

I took this image at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, CO, with my new wide angle lens. The first set of images to be taken with that lens, in fact (this was cropped so you can’t really tell). I really liked the beautiful spring blossoms and wanted to share them. As usual for my photos, I felt the blue sky of that morning detracted from the flowers so I desaturated the sky quite a bit. Hope you like the image!

More at www.kelleybard.com, or any of the links to the right.

Frosted Mountain

It seems like winter is over. It seems like it is getting warmer. But then, driving into the mountains, I see this… And I know that in Colorado winter is always waiting in the wings.

I loved this mountain top, though. It did look exactly like it was frosted, as well as the trees. Gorgeous drive and a great spot. Seen near the summit of Wolf Creek Pass 1 week ago.

Also part of the images shown at http://www.kelleybard.com/places, and on various other online spots (facebook, flickr, etc) with handy links to the right.


Delicate Flower Focus and new pics coming from new wide angle lens!!

This was a flower I photographed in my studio, checking the lighting and playing with the depth of field. I really like how the shallow depth of field softened this lily… it came out well I thought! Anyways, another for my flower gallery- www.kelleybard.com/flowers is the direct line, I believe…

This weekend I went on a photo journey. As with most of my explorations these days, it was a multi-task deal- I had a workshop I was attending in Boulder, CO so I brought my camera and shot photos like a madman in between! Lots of images that will be posted in the next months will be from this trip… fun fun fun! I also got a new wide angle lens after some serious thought (planned to purchase it later, but with the tsunami and subsequent product slowdowns from Japan, it seemed prudent. Or that was my excuse). I LOVE IT. Expect many horrible and hopefully some not so horrible photos in the future as I grow in understanding with this… it’s damn fun, though. And I’ll try to keep the horrible ones in the trashcan where they belong.

See more of my work from the links to the right… website, facebook, flickr, buzztown… I’m all over this thing!

Growing Spring & Art Show Early Warning!

Spring… it will come, I know it. We barely had a winter here in SW Colorado, but it’s just not t-shirt weather yet either. Today we had lots of COLD wind and snow flurries off and on. Thought my kids got sun from being outside, but it turns out it was just windburn… ouch!

This photo is of my sprouting basil. I did the angle in post-processing… much much better pic with the angle, I think. I need to take photos like that more often, especially now that I’ll be doing more portraits. Other than that, I really liked the green so I accentuated it. Simple finishing.

I’m overwhelmed with plans and hopes and excitement about the studio opening, along with the reality that I’ve got TONS to do before April 15th. And I’m not even counting taxes in that!

Another event- my first solo art show (hopefully not the last, but we’ll see…)! April 2nd, 6pm at The Red Tent, A Healing Arts Center for Women. The theme, we decided, is “LifeScapes”. I’m hoping for late babysitting that night, as there is a fantastic dark carnival themed event starting at 7pm at the Abbey Theatre. Sounds worth it to stop by AFTER my show. Of course. Really, I’ve got many pieces framed, hung and set to be displayed so it will be exciting to see it all put out there. Come by if you are in the Durango, CO area.

Lots of my art is up at http://www.kelleybard.com. You can also check my stuff out at flickr and facebook (specific links are to the right). I’ve got some good deals coming your way if you link up… just sayin’.

Enjoy! Especially if you are lucky enough to be having a spring!

Fire Engine Eagle

Here is another HDR from my vault 🙂 I took this last year and just didn’t get around to seriously finishing it until lately. I like the image and I love how the metal gets great reflections in HDR (check out the base of the eagle for an example). I also like the square crop- I don’t do enough of these but I like it (another recent interest is angled photographs, where you hold the camera tilted… I’ll have to play with that more in the future!).

See this and more at www.kelleybard.com… where I’ve got exciting news posted on the welcome page! I’ll pass that on tomorrow… for now, sleep…

Home Photo Studio Almost Ready! Candid White Background Test Photo

It is very exciting to have my home photo studio almost finished! I’ve converted a spare room to a space with several backgrounds set up, along with some props and a great lighting set up! I’ll be hosting my clients in that room for our future photo sessions. I’m very excited to move into this stage of my business. I’ve also been in a great learning space, studying several different techniques and ideas in studio work… looking forward to using this knowledge!

I’ll be opening up once I get a few more ordered backgrounds. I’ll also move towards adding outdoors areas, of which I already have several sites. So this is going to be a good space for my photo studio for a while.

For my first few in-studio clients, I’ll be offering a deal for your business. Contact me at kelleybard@yahoo.com or 970-779-0981 if you are interested in trying out the brand new set-up!

I’ve been doing outside location shots and in home shoots for the past year so this is an exciting step forwards! I will also still be offering the other options, but for studio quality pictures, I’m proud to offer top-notch images.

The above image was a candid trial of my new white vinyl background and lights. I was enjoying the shoot!

I’m open to doing any type of shoots. I hope to fill the local need for affordable, quality child photography, as well as maternity photos and family. I’ll be offering some exciting plans for families and infant photography in the next few months, keep your eyes open!

See my work at www.kelleybard.com, and on flickr, buzztown and facebook (where you also get offered special fan deals).

And come by to see the studio!