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Another Big Day of Visitors! And, Finally… a Warm Picture (Candle, Head-On)

Thanks to all the visitors today! It’s always nice to log on and have a nice surprise waiting!

I finished my series of images on ice crystals yesterday, and felt particularly Photoshoppy last night, so I created a poster with the 2 best reviewed images from the group.  I’ll post that directly after this discussion about the candle shot.

I took this image a week ago or so, during the night shots I was doing, playing with lighting (See “Child Holding Light” or some similar name from the recent posts).  I tried to get the flame head on.  In processing, I realized that the smooth wax was a bit boring, so I spruced up the saturation and added some textures. Do you feel like I do, that smooth, non detailed surfaces are HORRID in photography?? Like blue skies. I have always loved a nice, blue sky, but now it’s the worst punishment for me. Or, on the bright side, it’s a chance to be creative with my images for the day. Nah, it’s a punishment.

Anyways, it’s nice to put together a warm image after the past 4 days of ice! 🙂

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Here’s the poster from the past 4 days series…  Enjoy.


Ferris Wheel Star

I know that I have seen some amazing carnival photos in the past year, as I’ve really started looking at photographic art on the web.  This was my attempt to find a bit of that in me.  We had our county fair come through last summer and I made a point to bring my camera and tripod for the last night’s revelry.  I like the way the lights blurred just enough to become a star shape, as well as the blur of the rides seats smearing in the background.  I used Photoshop as always, to clean up the image and clarify the colors and such.  I had fun with this image and learned from it… maybe not one of my favorites but it was an experience.

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