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First with the Wide Angle Lens! 2 Versions “Tree and Mountains Wide”

I planned this to be a color image, but I liked the black and white version so much that I included it. I guess that goes to show that you can’t always plan out a photo… there is always an unexpected element to it!

My first published image using the wide angle lens. Like it!?? I’m loving it, although I am still learning what works with it and what doesn’t.

Single image HDR- it had to be that way because it was a very windy day (see the snow blowing off the mountains?) and the branches were blurred in the normal and light exposures. I did the HDR thing on the normal exposure then brought in the darkest image’s tree to get the focus right and blur to a minimum. I also had fun running this through Topaz Adjust twice, to get a different look for the clouds and for the ground and tree. Fun times in Photoshop!

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Bald Eagle Flying, and Check This Out: Claude Steelman

Here is my first ever image of a bald eagle. I’m very excited that I was able to find and capture (well, capture an image of) a bald eagle near my home. It’s one of the exciting things about living where I live… I knew that eagles were around, had seen a few far off or flying, but never seen them perched or gotten close enough to recognize them. A few days ago I saw 2 in a tree off the road and found I could get fairly close before they got spooked. The driveway, by the way, led to a deserted shack and current dumping area. It’s a place I had wanted to shoot at recently and was able to get some good images which I’ll be finishing and showing over the next week or so. I didn’t have my camera that morning (shame on me!), but later in the day I made sure to bring it along. Sure enough, there was one eagle sitting in the tree and that is the one seen above.

All that being said, I hope that this is the worst photo of a bald eagle that I ever do. I know it’s small (and this is cropped)… I didn’t really believe that I would see another in the same tree, and I didn’t bother to bring my 400mm lens. Next time, I will be better prepared.

This brings me to my intro to another artist that I respect and admire: Claude Steelman. Claude is a local legend where I live. A neighbor of mine, he is a well-known wild animal photographer and has glorious images of birds, bears, and his favorite, wild horses. Check out www.wildshots.com to see some of his work. He recently opened a shop in Durango to show his images, and I wish him luck with that. It’s right between our local photography shop and the Durango Coffee Company, which is where a lot of the photographers in town hang out and talk shop.

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ANOTHER Flower. LOL. Dreamy Cream Flower

I keep saying I will move on from flowers… I guess they are still fascinating to me. Don’t worry, I’ll post another photo tomorrow!

This is a very close up macro shot of an Ranunculus flower (and I hope I’m spelling that right). I love how there are just small touches of focus throughout the image, and how the white area is clearly very fuzzed out petals, and has some mystery to it. I didn’t do too much to this, just adjusted the white balance and used noiseware to remove some small grain in the out of focus areas. I liked keeping it cream colored, although there are white sections in the photo.

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Ice Crystals on Grass Stems (3rd of 4 in series), Plus BIG DEAL of January!

Not a ton more to say than I’ve posted over the past few days, but I do want to state how much I love the backgrounds in these images!  This whole series was done with really shallow depth of field and due to that and the HDR process, the background is just making me super happy right now.

Check my past few blogs to see the other images, or wait 2 days and see all the images posted together!  Tomorrow will be the last of this series of ice crystal shots, so enjoy them all!  They are also all posted to my website, facebook and flickr.


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I just downloaded some of OnOne Software’s tester software for photography, so expect a review soon.  I have high hopes!  They also have a really spectacular deal going on right now if you buy PhotoTools 2.6 Professional Edition by Feb 2nd, and have tested their stuff before, you should get an offer for $100 off.  That’s a deal that puts my (above) deal to shame!

Ice Crystal Sheet on Grasses… 2nd in the series

So… welcome back if you are viewing all of the photos in this series!  This is the second post of my ice crystal images, and once I have all of them up (I think I have 4 good shots) I will also send a post of all of them together, for comparison.

I rarely do a series of images, but this was a sort of inspired idea to have a set of shots that were all similarly processed, with complementary colors and the same basic theme.  I’m mixing it up here, and it’s partly because I’m sending out a daily blog entry and posting a daily photo here, as well as to flickr and facebook.  This also really helps me see what images should make my final portfolios and folders on my website, which is found at http://www.kelleybard.com.  So comment on what you like and let me know what I can do better with images you detest!

What caught my eye here was the delicate ice crystals and their amazing structure.  Here in Colorado, we haven’t had any snow all month (unlike other parts of Colorado, I know) but the cold temps have kept the ice around… which creates these amazing crystals every night.  They are gone as soon as the sun hits them and they start warming up, so it is a neat lesson in fleeting beauty. My Buddhist friends would be proud.

Enjoy my photos, and if you get a chance to head to my website, let me know what you think of it!

Telluride Valley and a WINNER for the FREE PRINT!

Telluride Valley 2

As promised, here is a photo from my recent visit to Telluride, CO.  The way there was absolutely stunning, the aspens were in full autumn glory and it was just amazing.  I enjoyed my time exploring the town (no Tom Cruise sightings, though… alas) and was getting ready to leave when my kids demanded a trip to the airport.  I’m SURE that they just wanted a quick and easy ride home, rather than another 2.5 hours spent in the back of my car, but I capitulated and headed towards the airport.  The drive took us by some really snazzy, Telluride-esque homes, and on the way back, I saw this view.  (Btw, the airport was empty except for a private jet on the runway and a stretch limo in the parking lot.  lol).

Now, those who have been to Telluride will perhaps say that this is not the view they remember.  Well, that is what photoshop is for, right?  Bringing our memory, our creativity, and our photos together as one.  In this case, as several, as I worked out many different versions of this photo.  I even posted one to flickr, etc before realizing that I wanted to work on it some more.  My original version- HDR from Photomatix, with saturation changes, Topaz Adjust layers, and a very strong overlay of Noiseware Professional, looked more like a painting.  Beautiful, but a bit too smoothed out for me.  So I experimented with the different layers and original photos and did some creative masking, leaving bits of the originals while allowing some of the HDR brilliance to show through.  This is my final version…. I think.  I do love the sky, though.  That has remained unchanged- although it was lowered from the original HDR image, so that the cloud is in the cropped photo.  Natives will also say that the mountains are much browner, less colorful.  Well, true.  But it’s art.  And all those hues were there- shifted some, saturation-boosted to be sure, but gloriously colorful.  So enjoy it!

This image is found at my website, www.kelleybard.com/places.  Coming up- first snow in the mountains today prompted a trip into the La Platas (mountain range), where I got an amazing photo.  It’s my first attempt at an HDR panorama and I hope that you will like it… I’ll post it tomorrow!


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Hawk and Snake, plus “My Bad” apology

Hawk and Snake

I wanted to do one more trial of the Nik Software, Silver Efex Pro, and got a chance to try yet another different type of photo with this image.  This is a single photo from a rapid fire set of pictures taken as this hawk took off from a fence post and flew into the sky.  I was very glad to have caught him and his prey, the snake dangling from his talons.  I saw him sitting on the post by the side of the road and quickly pulled a u-turn and parked, grabbing my camera.  I walked up the road towards him and had just entered a decent photograph range when he took off.  I had pretty decent luck tracking him as he flew at an angle towards me and another perch.  I liked this shot the best, but was a bit stymied by the blah blue sky.  When I put the image into Silver Efex Pro, though, I used one of the colored filters to decrease the luminance and make it more interesting.  I didn’t like how the hawk looked, though, so I masked a slightly desaturated and sharpened version of him into the photo from the original layer.  After all that, all I needed to do was denoise the sky, and I used a strong version of Topaz Denoise and some masking to accomplish that.  I tried to use Noiseware Professional and it wouldn’t touch the sky noise… sigh.  I really am starting to think that Topaz DeNoise is better for my artwork.  Oh well, it’s only money, right?  Right??

Final thoughts on Silver Efex Pro- I’m still on the fence about the cost, but I absolutely like the simple way it brings a great black and white look to my photos.  I mess with the sliders almost every time I put an image through it, so I still feel like I’m creating a unique artwork.  But the software is great.  I just need some money coming in to be able to convince myself that I can put money out for more photo software.

“My Bad”- I called Topaz DeNoise “Topaz Define” in yesterday’s post.  Whoops.  AND I didn’t include links to my websites.  All that has been rectified, but I’ll hang my head in shame for a bit, if you would like.

Speaking of, this particular image is posted to my Animals gallery, at www.kelleybard.com/animals.  Enjoy all my work at that site!