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Thinking of Japan and Hawaii- 2 Plumeria Images. Purchase Photos on Website and $ Goes to Japan

Plumeria Dream Textured

Dark Plumeria Textured

I was very worried for family and friends in Hawaii and Japan last night after I heard the news of the terrible earthquake. With nothing to do but fret, I opened up these old images from Hawaii and finished them. I’m sorry to say they are a bit dark and moody… I used dark textures liberally on both. The top one is an HDR from 3 exposures, and used OnOne PhotoTools to get the dreamy look (along with many textures). The bottom one used a lot of filters and textures to achieve it’s look.

Just what I could do while I worried about the effects of this disaster on innocent people.

I think that I will send 50% of any profits from these (sold on my website www.kelleybard.com/donation) to a Japanese earthquake organization, probably the Red Cross. Any suggestions on that would be welcome!

(Update: I looked at who was actively helping in Japan and decided to work with GlobalGiving.org, which seems to be a very smart, active organization dedicated to helping various causes. So any proceeds from these sales will be going directly to them, to be put towards their work in Japan. Currently, I believe, (3/16) their goal is $2 million U.S.).

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Pau Hana Photo- Shadow of Serenity

I took this photo last summer in Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to finish it, but held off for various reasons. Publishing it just in time for the end of work Friday (or the beginning of the weekend for many of you) seemed like a perfect way to show it off. I did not do many changes to the original here, just a trip through Topaz Adjust in Photoshop to deepen the shadows (contrast changes helped there too) and lighten the water colors. I also removed some distracting yellowish tones from the rocks and chairs. Overall a photo that makes me go “AHHHHHH.”

See more of my work at http://www.kelleybard.com, or on flickr or facebook (links to all on the side of my blog).

This weekend is the random, big deal for the month… see my posting from last night. And next week I promise to put together a review of OnOne software’s PhotoTools Pro 2.6, which has been a fun experiment all month.

Enjoy your weekend! And enjoy the art that is out there!

Moon Water

Another Hawaii photo, I think I have been missing the warm Islands… I’m getting a bit tired of snow!

I took this photo over the summer at Sharks Cove on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  The tide really changes this place a lot, and this was fairly low, right after sunrise, I believe.  This section is all pretty shallow, but there are other areas where you can snorkle and dive.  I love love love the reflections on the water here, and was really happy with the image, but sat on it for a long time.  I wanted to make it into an HDR but just kept getting so much noise when I converted the photos (I almost always take 3 images every time I shoot something, in different exposures, so I can make an HDR if I wish).  I never was happy with the HDR images.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work… maybe as I get more experience in that style I will be able to fix any problems, but that is in the future.  This image ended up looking better as a single image, processed in Photoshop.  I did use Topaz Adjust and Topaz Denoise to define the rocks and clouds, and to clean up a bit of noise at the end.

Posted to flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/kelleybardphotography), facebook, and my website at http://www.kelleybard.com.


Hawaiian Magnolia & Upcoming Images, News

This photo was taken early one morning in Hawaii.  It was one of my last days there, and I knew from before I had even arrived that I wanted to shoot in this area.  It’s called the Valley of the Temples, and it’s an amazingly beautiful area near Kaneohe, on Oahu.  I had been there often before, but this time I was bringing my camera…  Well, I arrived shortly after sunrise, having spent the sunrise time watching and shooting the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean: 3” (which I have posted an image of, and will post another one soon).  When I arrived at this valley, which is also a large cemetery, my main plan got derailed.  I was really hoping to shoot at the Buddhist temple in the valley, but it was not open for several more hours.  I tried my best to charm the local guy manning the gate, and he reluctantly allowed me into the main cemetery area to shoot some there.  I was told that if I was a professional photographer, I would have to pay extra anyways to take photos at the temple (alert! to anyone who tries to go there with a nice camera and tripod).

So these sheer hillsides and the morning fog really called to me, and I set up for several fun shots.  This one was one of my favorite, as I rarely have the patience to wait for a great image… but this one was worth it.  I saw the sunline creeping down the branches and knew that I could wait just a few minutes and catch the first open flower in the morning light if I just sat… I waited and was rewarded with this.

Post processing was basically just cleaning up the image a bit, lightening the browns in the undersides of the leaves and making sure that you could see as much mountain as possible through the fog.

As always, I love to hear comments on my photos, feel free to speak up!

Daily photos are posted on my facebook and flickr pages, and exceptional images from those are added to my website at http://www.kelleybard.com.  If you want to see all my work without my blabber, check that out!

*Upcoming news: I’ll be trying out some new photo filters, etc from various companies in the near future, keep your eyes open for reviews and test runs on photos!


Child’s Hand Holding Flower

And onward in the daily photo regimen…

I took this photo while at a restaurant in Hawaii with family.  I thought the moment it showed was just so… cute, unassuming, timeless…  innocent.  I sat on the photo for a while, not sure what I wanted to do with it, how to finish it.  I finally went with simple and clean, no textures, hopefully not shockingly bright colors, etc.  I did darken up the table background quite a bit, but left just a touch of the texture and the lines across it to give clarity to the image.  An all black background made the photo seem a bit too disconnected from the world. This was just a simple moment of childhood playtime and I wanted to represent it as such.

I liked this enough to post it to http://www.kelleybard.com/flowers… feel free to check out my website if you want a taste of my art.  It goes all over, as you can see if you browse this blog or my flickr page as well (flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kelleybardphotography).  Enjoy!


Pirates of the Caribbean Ship

Ok, a bit of a silly photo here,  but still, I love the detail on the ship and was excited to get to see it close up.  I could lie and say that I’ve been a fan of the movies… I’m not a hater, I just don’t care.  But my family and I were driving along the coast on Oahu when we saw this and the crowd gathered around it… we had to stop.  I happened to have my tripod so I jumped out and somehow got to the front of the group.  I took several shots, but had to crop this one and call it good- there were lots of lights, scaffolding, etc as they were prepping for shooting the next day or so.  I did return for some wider shots of the morning shoot… I’ll probably post one of those soon.

Lots of my art is up at http://www.kelleybard.com.  This one might end up there, who knows?

Wild Palms of Hawaii and a note about “Green” plants

Wild Palms of Hawaii

This is perhaps a very simple picture.  Not my usual HDR, this is a single image which I edited in Photoshop and Lightroom, no fancy software either!  So now, I could probably redo it and like it more…  but I really enjoy this image.  I have played with it extensively, and it’s been sitting around for a few months now, a photo I think of often but never have posted, until now.

So… I remember this particular area of the island of Oahu from when I used to live there.  I even remembered this grove when I drove through.  It’s a beautiful bay on the Windward side of the island, with a small beach park below it on the water.  I’ve never stopped there, until I took this image, but I have often thought it is one of my favorite areas on the island.  On another day I drove through here, there were lots of skydivers plummeting from planes into the valley behind these palms… a neat sight!

The trees, being overgrown and old, had a lot of dead leaves on them that you can see.  The coloration of the live leaves was very yellowish too, and the hillside behind was also more brownish-yellow than green.  Some hue changes had to happen.  I processed this right about the time that I learned about green, growing things often being more yellow, growing things.  Have you ever noticed that?  You can really tell when you start playing with colors in Photoshop… when you try to adjust the “green” of something like this, nothing changes!  But when you adjust the yellow, the whole plant color is affected.  Look around you sometime, at “green” grass and trees.

Anyways, the color adjustments were the most noticeable change to this image from the original.

For some reason, although the photo isn’t particularily special, I really love it.  Maybe because it just screams “Hawaii” to me.

Enjoy this photo.  Much more of my work is posted on www.kelleybard.com, and this one will probably make it’s way there if I get good feedback on it.  Breathe in the tropical breeze and relax!