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Spinning Spring Flowers

And now for something completely different…

Really, the whole idea of a daily photo blog is to force you into more creativity and finding opportunities for photographs beyond the usual. This was a good example of it. I set my camera for a relatively long exposure (1/8th of a second) and spun the camera (handheld) while I took the picture. I tried it a lot, and came out with a few decent, interesting images. I then processed it in photoshop with some fun tricks- OnOne PhotoTools to get some glowy blur, and Topaz Adjust to get some color “pop”. Like I said, it was an experiment. But one I like the results of! Maybe next I’ll try spinning it on the tripod…

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W Family Portrait

This family came to my studio wanting outside, candid-style images. Time will tell if I was able to fulfill their needs, but this one photo really stood out to me as a great portrait for them, everyone caught in a relaxed, happy state. The site is outside of my studio- I have several potential outside spots for images such as this.

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Family Portrait (clients, that is)

Here is a sweet portrait of the family I photographed last week… some shots were done inside, some in their backyard, and this one on their front porch. I love the bright, colorful image! Some photoshop playing, getting the dark eyes and hair was accomplished with a soft light layer on top of the image, and I took a swing through PhotoTools and got a slight diffused look to their skin (after Portraiture). Overall a cute image. I got a few candid ones too, I’ll probably post those later… I caught the whole family laughing and it was a great moment!

Portrait work done in and out of my studio, this was a client’s home shoot but I’m starting in studio shoots tomorrow and looking forward to it!

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Spring Bulbs, Textured

Lets pause a moment to celebrate… SPRING!!

Usually I desaturate my colors a bit. Todays pic isn’t saturated any more than what came out of the camera, but I did lots of post processing that added to the joyous color explosion seen above. Enjoy these glorious flowers in their prime.

BTW, I’m starting to add a light layer over my images more and more… this is using a layer of soft light in Photoshop at about 60%. It really does crazy, beautiful things to your photos. I’m glad I took a suggestion from one of the PhotoVision artists to try all of the light layers and learn what they can do… I also did a homemade vignette here for the first time, burning around the edges. Good/Bad/thoughts?

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Enjoy your day, hope it’s sunny and warm.

Easter Toddler and Why Kids Don’t Need to Smile for Every Picture

Another portrait from my studio! I think I really like this look, but I had some questions when I started finishing this image. I usually don’t go all the way to blown out whites (even here, although the whites are close, they aren’t overdone- according to my version of Lightroom and it’s controls, anyways). I’ve seen several child portraits lately, though, that had gone to blown out whites in sections of the image and they looked great. So I was deliberately trying to get there with this image. I love how the skin looks, as well… I started adding a “soft light” layer on top of the photo lately and it is a look that I really like. I doubt it will work for every image but I think I will be going for the dark, intense eyes and glowing skin as much as I can.

Anyways, I think this is just unbearably cute. In my mind, with child photography, you don’t have to get a smile with every image. I personally like the images without smiles 9 times out of 10… kids don’t know how to do a soft smile, usually, so they do the big crazy grins which ruin their eyes. Catching them in a laugh, though… that is quality. I’ll have an example of that soon. I feel like I get a lot more of a true look when the child is engaged, busy, thinking… and generally not smiling. But I also try to get a few smile images with every shoot, and sometimes those end up being my¬†favorites of the session!

Love to hear what other photographers do when faced with photographing children. I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve for keeping a kid entertained, interested, and if necessary, smiling. But it’s always fun to hear how others approach the situation!

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Keep checking back, I’ll have a killer offer for my April deal, and it’s coming up in just a few days!


Elk in Snow

I found this elk farm while driving around Hesperus, CO. It had the biggest males that I have ever seen, just off the side of the road. They spooked a bit when I came up to the fence, but didn’t move far from their food source, so I was able to get this image. I wanted to highlight the lovely, large valley behind the elk, so I’m glad that this photo shows that off well.

I’m not the worlds top wildlife photographer, but I do love to see these animals. If I can show them off at all, I’m happy. Part of living in this part of the US, for me, is being close to such amazing wild creatures (and even in an elk farm, they are glorious).

Tell me… is the post-processing too blah? I can’t decide, myself.

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Ladybug on Leaves- experiment photo. Tomorrow photo teaser, too! Plus Japanese Earthquake Support.

Sometimes I come across a photo which I like, but know it’s just not 100% great… this was one like that. I liked the idea and the image, but in the original, the ladybug and the leaves were almost the same color (taken in Yosemite in early December). There was also some distracting elements- the leaves in the lower right corner were in focus, but which dragged the eye downward (I felt). So I played, experimenting. I think my weekend pictures will be more on this level from now on- I’ll still post fav images if I am really in the mood, but I’ll try to save the great ones for the week. That means, though, that I’ll have more experimental and fun ones on the weekends, and sometimes those get the most responses. So don’t walk away on the weekends… unless you have a life or something (unlike me).

Anyways, OnOne PhotoTools has been a good help lately, so I went there. I’m finding that I use that for blur and glow pics mostly, and I wanted to explore more filters. This photo got the antique color filter and the 81 warming filter. I also went back into Photoshop and Lightroom and blurred the area around the ladybug (masking rocks) and played with the ladybug’s coloring as well.

A fun experiment, for sure.

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**Speaking of future posts, I have a photo which I’ve been working on since November which I’m finally happy with- that will be my photo tomorrow. For Boulderites, it’s an image from one of your amazing local sites. Check back to see the image- hopefully stunning HDR (already submitted to hdrspotting.com as well). **

**The 2 images which I created for Japanese Earthquake support are on my site at www.kelleybard.com/donation. I have had many visits but not many purchases and I’d love comments on why you think that may be. I really hope to be able to help in this small way. I really, really like the idea of giving back, though, so I will be working to build relationships and add images monthly or so which will be “donation” images. Suggest some organizations and causes to me, I’ll be working with the companies to bring some knowledge and hopefully some financial support their way in the future.**