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Spinning Spring Flowers 2

Not much to add to this that wasn’t on the post a few days ago (similar photo). I desaturated this one a bit, but otherwise the editing was similar… this one was a bit more straightforward Photoshop work, if you know what I mean.

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Spinning Spring Flowers

And now for something completely different…

Really, the whole idea of a daily photo blog is to force you into more creativity and finding opportunities for photographs beyond the usual. This was a good example of it. I set my camera for a relatively long exposure (1/8th of a second) and spun the camera (handheld) while I took the picture. I tried it a lot, and came out with a few decent, interesting images. I then processed it in photoshop with some fun tricks- OnOne PhotoTools to get some glowy blur, and Topaz Adjust to get some color “pop”. Like I said, it was an experiment. But one I like the results of! Maybe next I’ll try spinning it on the tripod…

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Wet Flower Bud

I have wanted to finish this one for a while, but just didn’t know which route to take in processing it. I finally went fairly simply, and added a little glow and a little diffusion courtesy of OnOne PhotoTools… I didn’t even have to mask anything in the end, I just let the image speak for itself.

Some more fun photos on the way, varied (as always).

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Pink Flower in HDR, Mac Woes…

Most of the time, I think HDR looks best when it’s subtle… just adding a bit of light where it’s unexpected, or some added texture or detail. Sometimes, though, as you can see looking at my work (especially http://www.kelleybard.com/hdr) I do like to get a bit… intense with my HDR. I would say that my work nowadays is about 50% HDR… here is one of the subtle pieces to enjoy.

I’ve heard that flowers make bad HDR, mostly because the HDR process makes things look a bit gritty, a bit dirty almost. I didn’t get that response here, and I like how the HDR brought out a bit of glow that wasn’t visible in the original images.

On this image… I would LOVE to know the name of the flower! Any ideas? Bought at the local flower shop, I guess I could get a name from them if I tried.

I also had to bring back some of the original photos in Photoshop. That is a common part of HDR final processing for me, and one of the most difficult. But worth it when you get an image you really like such as here!

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Enjoy. More flower images coming, plus maybe some old stuff.

For other photographers: in less than 1 year I managed to fill up a TB of memory on my mac with my photos! Is that crazy or what?! So now I’m going through pics, deleting like mad (a process I don’t do well, in any aspect of my life for that matter). I guess I need more backup hard drives? How do you handle this in your work?

Wedding Dress HDR

I photographed a wedding on Saturday- my first as a professional photographer.  It was a great experience!  I took 1200 photos over the course of the day… whew!  I also had a friend helping out, directing the group and giving ideas for photos, and taking photos from a different perspective during the ceremony so nothing got missed.  I really enjoyed the whole day, although it was EXHAUSTING.  I’ve been editing today and I’m down to 800 usable photos… I hope to be able to cull it down to about 250 photos given to the bride and groom by the end of the week.  Then the real editing will begin…

I took the time to switch to multiple exposures whenever possible during the day, so I could process some photos as HDR images.  I got a few of the bride and I’ll see how that worked out- my experience is people don’t always make good HDR subjects, their skin looks too strange.  This image, though, came out pretty well.  I like how colorful the bouquet came out, and how the dress with it’s multiple folds looks.  The aspen leaves, shadows on the tent, came out so beautiful.  I’ll try some other images and see how they work out, post some here if they come out good!

The processing of this was done with Photomatix, and then the tif was put through photoshop, using the imagenomics noiseware professional plug-in to clean up details.

Once the wedding party has viewed all of the photos and made their decisions, the best images will be posted in my wedding portfolio gallery at www.kelleybard.com.  You can see other examples of my work there as well, enjoy them!