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Newborn Flower Girl

Another sweet newborn photo. I really, really enjoyed doing the newborn pictures, even with the baby waking up and crying often. The images are so sweet and so wonderful to have around forever! I also like the flower headband- so over the top as to be perfect for photography!

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May deal coming out soon… but for now, remember the $10 photo shoot fee and get in before the 15th to secure the opening studio price!



New Option- Floral Brushes as Accents. 2 Sample Photos.

Here’s a new look for your art photographs when you come to Kelley Bard Photography for your portraits! I have this as an option to add (for free, like all of my options currently) to accent your photos. When you get photos done through my studio, I finish every final photo and often you will get different looks to compare or choose for other images. I really like how these floral brushes and accents can look if used lightly, so I’ll be adding them to photos and seeing what people think. Enjoy these and let me know what you think!

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Gate To Nowhere

My two loves in photography (well, I like an awful darn lot of different photo experiences I’ve had so far, but…) are landscapes and portraits. I think both can be so important in people’s lives… a place idealized, a moment or glimpse captured… I love those images. Hence my name for my style, “LifeScapes”. So Enjoy this one, an entry into my landscape style. A warmed, almost sepia black and white. I loved finding this gate- there wasn’t much behind it, but this open space was paramount. It’s a beautiful valley that cuts right up the center of Colorado. I drive through it at least 4 times a year, but had never seen this spot!

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By the way, if you haven’t checked out my website recently, I’ve updated the site design. What do you think?

Antique Car in Field

An interesting find along an unknown road near my home… 3 similar cars, all half-car, half man’s creation with wood and wire and such. I really had to take a photo- not the best time of day, it was very bright out but I played extensively in Photoshop and with some cool tweaks (fill lighting to get into the shadows, and a black and white conversion into infrared which really darkened the sky and lightened the plants) I think it turned out well. I remembered a black and white conversion I saw on PhotoVision a few nights ago (great set of DVDs with various photographers going through their workflow and day to day experiences), on this one the photographer suggested warming up a black and white with a bare hint of white balance shift, and I did that here. It really helped, I think.

I will probably try to get back to this site at a more photo friendly time of day. I’m excited to see how else I can show off this and the other great cars!

Much of my work ends up on my website, which is http://www.kelleybard.com. I’ve put images in galleries there so you can find a specific look if you want. Enjoy exploring! You can also check my links to my facebook, flickr, twitter and buzztown pages. I often include the same photos but with a different idea on each page- facebook and here are all about discussing the backstory to the images and getting feedback, flickr is where I get some great contacts and feedback from incredible photographers, buzztown is a local site where I share my deals and events primarily, and twitter… well, I haven’t figured out what I do on twitter yet. Love to hear how some of you connect with your fans/friends on twitter, I guess!

Merry Go Round- 2 Views… and the winner is (LAST CALL!)… Drawing for Free Print

Merry Go Round, Original

Merry Go Round, Textured

I loved this little merry go round!  I saw it in action at a tiny country fair that happened last weekend near my home.  I was really, really hoping to get some old car shots and horse shots, but it turned out that I arrived too late for those.  I did have my camera, though, and instead of grouching around (ok, I grouched a bit, but you know, I came out of it.  Sorta.)… instead of grouching around (ahem!) I went looking for other shots.  I have a fun one of a close-up of a fire engine bell that I may post soon, and this one.  When I processed it, I used my test version of Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro to try out some filters.  I really liked how this one gave it an older feel (“color stylizer” was the filter I settled on).  That original version had a bit of a bland sky, though, even with the color change, so I redid the image with added textures (8 textures!  I love it!).  I was looking to give the image an aged look, stained, dirty…  I think the textures added that wonderfully.

Posted at www.kelleybard.com.  Currently in the Places and Landscapes gallery, although I’m looking for a different home for this and photos of things but not places…. any idea what to call that?  “Scenic” comes to mind, but still isn’t exactly the right gallery title.  I want it to fit anything from still-lifes to images like this.  Any ideas are welcome!


I’ve been a bit busy, just picked up the stack of business cards and such that was waiting for me at my gallery space for the free drawing for an 11×14 print.  This is a teaser- I’ll do the drawing tomorrow.  I need an impartial helper (my toddler, ok?  lol) to pick the winner.  He/She will get a free print of any of my current artwork.  Since I haven’t picked anyone yet, feel free to join in (comment “free drawing” if you want in!).  Must be in the US to win the print, but everyone gets something so please enter.

Tomorrow is a photo day and I’m very excited… I will post more tomorrow night about it, I’m sure.

Colorado Trip and Mine Entrance Photo…

Mine Entrance, Sepia

I took this photo as I drove home from a long weekend away.  This mine entrance is located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, between Ouray and Silverton.  It’s an incredible road- 25 miles takes an hour to drive due to the twists and turns and views available.  It’s called the “Million Dollar Highway”, which is most probably because of the amount it cost per mile to build it long ago (or so I’ve heard), but the name has stuck due to the “million dollar” views.  Anyways, I’ve passed this shack many times… this day I turned in and wandered around.

I didn’t have the guts to walk in, there was another flattened shack near this one to remind passersby of how unstable the building is, but I love how you can actually see into the mine entrance through the doorway.  That is a gift of the HDR process, allowing the photo to better represent what the eye might have actually seen, light-wise.  I also LOVE how the wood texture came out in this image.  I could have kept the colors- a light green was gracing the trees, the building itself was a mellow golden brown, and the puddle/stream in front was bright green with slime.  But I like the sepia look, even if it is a bit trite for an “old-timey” image.

The photo, of course, is an HDR image.  I used all three of my photos for it, and then ended up mixing in parts of the lightest photo to add depth to the darkened mine itself.  After Photomatix came up with the basic HDR image, I brought it into Photoshop and spent quite a bit of time adjusting the saturation, contrast, the sharpness and noise reduction amounts (I used Noiseware Professional again for this), and Topaz Adjust to get the look right.  I did a few things new today- brought the lightest version of the image into photoshop on it’s own and used Topaz on it, then desaturated it, then used Noiseware… and THEN I mixed it with this image.  It helped, I think, to make sure all parts of the image had the same “look”.  I also was a bit more careful with this photo and searched the entire thing on high magnification, making sure there weren’t any over-sharpened spots.  I’m learning, perhaps slower than others, but I’m learning.  I will next print this out and see how it looks on paper.  The final test!

Enjoy my photo.  It is stored on my website at www.kelleybard.com, and you will also hopefully see it soon on www.HDRspotting.com, as I will be sending it their way tonight.  Currently I’ve got 2 photos in the “featured” and “popular” pages on that site.  I’m rather proud of that fact!

More Colorado pics tomorrow, I had a blast and I’m looking forward to finishing some more of these.  If you ever get to drive between Delta and Glenwood Springs in Colorado, it is a gorgeous part of the state.  Lots of farm country and lots of mountains and hills, and not much else!