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Tropical Spirals

This is another photograph that was related to shapes.  I love finding an underlying theme to a photograph, it pulls it all together so nicely!  This one is obviously focused on spirals.  The funny part is that I didn’t realize it until after the processing had started… I just knew I loved the image and the flower/leaf shape.  I had to do a fair amount to keep the green crisp in this picture, and to make the picture as a whole look good.  I had to do A LOT of cleanup on the stamen, it was amazing how much dirt was on it.  The first time I looked at the image it was perfect, but after I found one speck and cloned it out, then suddenly there were 5 MILLION specks that all needed cleaning.  I guess the moral is to not clean your specks!  Once the image was fixed up, I had to remove the noise with Imagenomics Noiseware Pro.  It did a great job on smoothing out the pixelly parts of the photo.

All in all, this took a surprisingly long amount of time to finish the image correctly.  But it’s worth it, a beautiful tropical print!  It would look great as a poster size image, I think.  Check this out and more in the flower gallery at www.kelleybard.com.