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Dancing Divas in Motion

Not a fancy picture at all but a fun one. Check it out… a group from our local light parade.

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Have a good day, I’ll be back at full force in a day or two!


Red, White and Blue Fireworks Flower- Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day to all of the Americans out there!

Not a fancy pic (in my eyes) but I liked it out of my latest fireworks shots, so I wanted to use it as a daily photo. Discussion over the next few days will be a bit sparse, due to family visiting, but I’ll post and leave a quick msg for all! Hope you enjoy the photo today.

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Fireworks Finale

Not much to say on this one… just sending out a heartfelt (if cheesy and a bit giggly) wish for all to have some fireworks on their Valentine’s Night!

(This pic is the entire finale for the Snowdown 2011 Fireworks Show. Maybe a bit small, but it was nice because you can see all of the trails and explosions… and they kept it all so nicely close together!

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Red Fireworks Bloom & Creative Commons Question

More fireworks shots, I have a few more that jumped out at my from this last show at Snowdown 2011 in Durango, CO. This one was just weird, the way the sparks flew and the colors match and all… it’s an image of a flower and leaves. Totally nuts. Otherwise I’ll get out and get some new images soon… I just got a bunch of new equipment (great lights) and once I get my new show put up at the Red Tent Women’s Center I will be all ready to get out and take new shots!

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*Question: Does anyone use Creative Commons licensing for their photography? I’m always interested in it… don’t know if I want to let my work be out there so freely, but then at least it’s getting out there… other’s experiences with this? Would be nice to know.

Lion Firework

My town has this all-out, end the winter crazies weekend event called Snowdown. Pretty fun, with lots of things to thrill every kind of person (mostly it’s a weekend party for the bar crowd, but even us family types get to enjoy a bit with all the kid friendly events now). This year I made it to the light parade, hot air balloon launch and fireworks show. My camera and I were going strong at each, and for the next week or so I’ll probably be posting a lot of images from the events. I was in experimental mode with the fireworks show, and it paid off with some interesting shots (We were located below and to the left of the set-off point, and the wind was blowing pretty strongly to the left as well, so the images came out as not your normal fireworks shots). This is pretty much as is from the camera- I did a bare amount of touching up in Photoshop and sharpening and cropping, but that was about it.

I really like this one. It’s already on my website, http://www.kelleybard.com. I’m hoping to get good reviews of it here, on flickr and facebook. Come back for more fireworks and balloon shots, and a few interesting light parade images too!

BTW, the name… probably self explanatory. I can’t stop thinking of the dandy-lion in the old Alice and Wonderland Disney cartoon. So there you go.

Smooth Animas Water

An easy Sunday photo, to remind of days gone by…

I took this on my first (well, only) Durango Shooters photo shoot. I started the group here in Durango, CO last year as a way to get photographers together to go on group shoots… something that isn’t super popular with the photography club already in place in Durango. So I thought I would provide an alternative. This day was a bit rainy and the turnout was low, but fun nonetheless. I really, really like smoothed out slow exposure images of water lately, so this called to me when I looked in my archives.

In fact, I tried to get to the river to take some similar shots today, as we had our first cloudy day in forever… but the sun came out before I made it there. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow!

This image got completed in Lightroom. Probably the only image of mine that I was so happy with that I didn’t move it over to Photoshop. Usually I want to do at least some changes there. If I publish this to my website (www.kelleybard.com) then I might consider some Photoshopping, just for noise removal or defringing, perhaps. But it looks pretty great to me!  Exactly the right amount of time to open the shutter to get some blur but still clear lines in the water.

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Sideways Waterfall and Website News

Sideways Waterfall

This is a black and white image of a little waterfall I encountered in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, between Ouray and Silverton.  I stopped to take a few photos at this small river that snakes through the canyon south of Ouray.  The river is quite amazing- being that it was prime mining land, and often what was being mined for was gold, the bright yellows of the river and of the water bring suspicions that the water is filled with gold.  I turned this particular image into a black and white, but I should have a good color image in the near future.  Sometimes all those bright colors can get distracting in an image, you know?

I tried to get a bit of a blur here in the water, and I think the photo succeeds in that goal.  I also worked hard to get the whole scale of shades here- from black to white, without getting blown out highlights or black, black shadows.  Ansel Adams would be proud (or does that sound way, way conceited?  Ansel Adams probably wouldn’t care. Lol.)  I often try to span the scale of colors, in most of my photos, but there are always exceptions…. not this photo, though.  Anyways, the original water blur was actually cleaned up a bit in Photoshop, and in the settings that I chose to use in Topaz Adjust.  I really like how it came out.  I also used Noiseware Professional to finish the look.  One thing I like about the finished product is that it would be a great square crop or 8×10 crop… many of my images seem to stretch out and fill the whole view, and a crop of them would lose something necessary.  But this one would crop quite nicely, I think.

I have this at my website, www.kelleybard.com.  The image is found exactly here.  My website news is that **I have been reworking my galleries and many of my images have found new homes as my galleries and portfolios have been removed**.  This doesn’t mean that any photos have been removed… YET.  (Cue disturbing, scary movie music).  But soon I will be tackling that side of the website.  Right now I have just been condensing my galleries.  Many of my photo collections can be found under easy to understand names… i.e. www.kelleybard.com/places, or www.kelleybard.com/children.  My latest work is located in various galleries (places, water, etc) and collected together in the Colorado collection.  Check out all of my varied work, please!  If you have a favorite, feel free to share it with me (mark it as a fav then send fav’s from my website to me when you are done).  It may save your photo from removal (more scary movie music here)!!

Ok, other than the website changes, anything else new?  Well, yes.  I was asked if I would allow one of my photos to be used in a magazine today!  I will have more info as the deal progresses, but it is more of a chance to have this opportunity than anything, and I am grateful for it.  I am very, very excited and honored about it all.