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Sound, Grass and Dock

I really like texturing images, but tend to keep them really light, almost undistinguishable (is that really a word? Really?) from the original image except for a tinge of texture, detail or color. I guess in most photography that is my aim, to make small changes that add up to much better images in the long run.

This image certainly doesn’t have the amt of texture that I’ve seen on some, but it’s heavier than most of my images. I keep the texture away from the grasses- and didn’t the HDR make that grass come out AMAZING??- and concentrated on the sky and water. I also used a texture I don’t usually use, one of the Stuck In Customs 25 texture pack… this one created the “scratchy” look on this print. Let me clarify, though… when I use textures, I almost always use some of the Stuck In Customs textures. They are great. But I often use the more mellow ones, the wall texture types. Not ones that are radically detailed and different… but it worked here, so I’m not complaining!

This was a shot that I took and wanted to finish months ago. I am glad that I finally got an HDR version that I liked (redid it several times with different settings) and textures and a look that I love.

Enjoy this and all my work at http://www.kelleybard.com, or on my flickr or facebook pages.



Sunset in the Sound

Wow!  Well, welcome to the new year!  I’m back after a bit of a hiatus and I will be trying my damnedest to post a daily photo to this blog.  I have had a lot of fun taking images lately, but been too busy to finish them and post them.  So now I’m (hopefully) turning a new leaf.  I hope to get more followers for my blog, my facebook page for Kelley Bard Photography, and my twitter page (Kelleybard).  So enjoy this first photo of the new year….

Taken looking west over the sound from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was there in November, which is a great time to visit if you want quiet.  Even with a major marathon going on, when we moved away from the city centers it was great and empty.  I happened across this pier while driving north one afternoon, exploring.  I was hoping for an HDR image from this, but the sun was so bright that the tone mapping just didn’t do it justice.  I settled for a final image emphasizing the silhouetted features and the great look to the water.  Some Photoshop and Topaz Adjust were needed to bring this to fruition, as well as a final photo filter added to keep the photo as warm as possible.

It seems warm, although it was pretty chilly!

I will be posting this to my website, http://www.kelleybard.com if you choose to see more of my work.

Happy New Year!